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SF Benson  

SALES ALERT: Hearts Duology by SF Benson

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Title: Cursed Hearts and Blessed Hearts

Author: SF Benson

Genre: YA & NA Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Avanturine Press Books

Editor: Tia Silverthorne Bach


Every time Kelsie Martin kisses a boy, chaos happens.

The sixteen-year-old succubus has just come into her powers and doesn’t know how to control them. Anytime Kelsie locks lips with someone she likes, she drains their essence. After nearly killing her last candidate, her family suggests an arranged marriage, but Kelsie wants to fall in love with someone she chooses.

Victor Duquette thinks love isn’t for him. He can’t date females his age. None of them want to make out with a teenager.

The Fates intervene when Kelsie and Victor cross paths.

Kelsie and Victor are perfect for each other, but will a century old curse and the town’s supernatural community let them be happy?


A pleasure-seeking incubus with no desire for permanence goes to Hell to save a stranger.

Cash Martin doesn’t fall in love or engage in relationships, but he might reconsider when a stunning stranger comes to town.

As fate would have it, a serial killer is in Falls Creek. Naturally, the authorities suspect the djinniyah.

Until the female disappears… 

If Cash wants to clear his name along with hers, he’ll have to ask the King of Hell for a tremendous favor.

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