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ON AUDIO: “Ghosts & Gravity” Anthology

Title: Ghosts
& Gravity
Genre: Supernatural
Publisher: The Audio Flow, LLC
Publication Date: Nov. 11th, 2022
Hosted by: Lady
Amber’s PR

New York City, 1972.


Between Central Park
and the East River sits an apartment building as tall as a castle and as orange
as a sunset. The Wellraven barely pricks a skyline so grand, but its curious
history reaches out through occupants, young and old.


Eleven stories
chronicle the life and times of characters who cross paths and share destiny’s
fire escape. Ghosts, gravity, romance, and secrets weave the communal


Step into the
elevator. Push any button, but try to remember your way back out. Not everybody
makes it.


Full cast: Aaron
Shedlock, Amy Deuchler, Amy Landon, Andrea Emmes, Deanna Anthony, Hillary
Huber, James R. Cheatham, Jocqueline M. Protho, Krys Janae, Lydia Palmer,
Marnye Young, Michael Wolfe, Noya Einhorn, Teri Clarke Linden, Zachary Johnson

BT Urruela
& Anne Malcom

Shani Struthers

Becca Vry

AI Tran

A.S. Orton

Susan K. Swords

Kris Babe

Christopher Winks

D.L. Hartman

Rumor Haven

Morgan &
Jennifer Locklear


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