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SF Benson  

NEW RELEASE: “The Aria of Oak Moon Bay” by SF Benson

TITLE: The Aria of Oak Moon Bay


EDITOR: Tia Silverthorne Bach

GENRE: Horror


An eerie tale about an evil existence haunting a family of witches.

Centuries ago, a desperate witch made a pact with the Aria. The heinous hellion of chaos and vengeance agreed to strengthen the woman’s magic as long as she formed a bond with the entity. Through the years, as the Munroe witches died, the Aria moved from host to host. 

Liza Munroe, a witch who embraces analytics and logic over magic, has just buried her mother. Rational thought, however, won’t protect the young woman from the malevolent spectre who has plagued the Munroe women for generations. After spending her childhood watching the creature ravage her mother and randomly kill the innocent, Liza refuses to become a vessel for evil.

Shortly after the funeral, the Aria comes to collect. When Liza fails to yield to the monster, it delivers a warning: as long as she resists, the Aria will harm Liza’s loved ones. 

The young woman, left with no choice, makes a deadly decision to save her fiancé and father.

But will Liza’s choice protect her future?



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