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Happy Friday!! How are you?

Things are looking up for the family. Hubby has recovered from his surgeries and was called back to work yesterday. Our daughter is working hard, learning her new barista position and building her graphics portfolio too.


I’ve had a productive week. A lot of the things I needed to get done were finished on schedule! Keeping my fingers crossed that this continues for a while.

Ready for today’s installment of Love Struck?


Part Eleven


“What are you planning?”

No way did the jerk bring me out to the woods, confess his identity, and not have some sort of scheme. I was certain he worked from a terrible B-Movie script.

He smirked and then pushed away from the table. Standing, he looked down at me. “You’re going to help me get what I want.”

I didn’t like his tone. He sounded like an idiot who thought he was entitled to more than his fair share in life. “And if I don’t?”

“Then our mother will have one less kid to think about.” 

Would that fool really try to kill me?

Steve walked over to the window and opened the duffel on the floor. He removed a bandana and a pair of handcuffs. Without looking at me, he announced, “Are you gonna cooperate, or will I have to do this the hard way?”

Honestly, I didn’t want to know what he meant by the latter. I swallowed hard and then asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Steve came over, opened the restraints, and said, “Hold up your wrists like a good girl.”

Reluctantly, I did as he asked.

My so-called brother leaned in. “I hate to do this, but it’s the only way to appear convincing.” He twisted the bandana and placed the makeshift gag around my mouth. Steve tied it so tightly the cloth bit into my cheeks.

He smiled and then pulled his phone from his back pocket. “Time for some pictures. I need you to look really terrified, sis.” 

Steve ruffled my hair. When I didn’t give him the look he wanted, he walked away. He returned with a gun. Holding the weapon in front of my face, he said, “Maybe this will help.”

No shit!

I couldn’t help shaking. No longer did I believe the guy was joking. He might actually pull the trigger. The man who thought he was my brother was unstable, which meant anything was possible.

“Much better.” He lowered the gun and took out his phone again. 

We spent the next twenty minutes in a gruesome photo session. Since he didn’t get into any of the shots, it wasn’t about selfies. When Steve grew tired of snapping pictures, he switched to video. He pulled on a ghoulish clown’s mask and knelt beside me.

“So, El…” Steve started in an altered voice, thanks to some device in that disguise. “If you want to see Joss again, we need to come to an agreement. First, you’re going to admit you’re a fraud. Don’t care how you do it or where. Just make sure it’s public. Tell folks that you have a son that you gave up willingly. Then you’re going to pay me. I’ll let you know the time and place.”

He tapped the screen and lowered the phone. Instead of removing my gag or the restraints, he only took off the mask.

I lifted my arms and mumbled against the bandana.

“You want those off?”

I nodded.

His answer? He removed a set of zip ties and secured my feet. “It’s getting late, sis. I’d really like to get some sleep. Since I only have the one bed, you can sleep down here. Don’t try leaving. The cabin has an alarm. Plus, all the windows and doors have sensors. I’ll know if you attempt anything.”

I watched the man walk toward the ladder. Within seconds, he climbed up to the loft. Then the lights went off, leaving me in a pitch dark room.

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