Happy Friday, everyone! How are you?

Life is slowly getting back to normal for my family and I. Hubby has recovered from his eye surgeries and is eager to return to work. My daughter is enjoying her part-time barista gig and making the right connections in her industry. Me? I’m working hard trying to keep up! I feel like I’m so behind in everything.

While I play catch-up, check out this week’s installment of Love Struck…


Part Ten


Was he serious?

I honestly thought I knew everything there was to know about Mom. Hell, she was an open book. Every single interview…every single documentary… I knew all the answers. Nothing she said surprised me. So why didn’t I know about Steve?

Maybe he lied.

Maybe his words came from a deranged man.

Maybe I was the unhinged one, believing the shit my mother said. After all, she’d never been trustworthy. If it hadn’t been for a breaking news report, I wouldn’t have known about my father’s demise. El certainly didn’t share the news. She spent the time hemmed up in her bedroom, hugging a bottle of booze and snorting blow.

“Why should I believe you?” I finally asked.

He grinned. “Good question. I have proof if you care to see it.”

“What type of proof?”

“Glad you asked.” Steve stood, reached into his back pocket, and removed a folded sheet of paper. Carefully, he smoothed it out and placed it in front of me. “See for yourself.”

It was a birth certificate. His birth certificate. Listed as the father was Scott Banks. And the mother?

Ella Landry.

In case I had any questions, stamped on the document was the official seal for the state.

“Believe me now…sis?”

Suddenly, I felt sick to my stomach. I couldn’t remember anything from the night prior. What if…

“Please tell me we didn’t have sex or anything last night?”

“Like I said earlier, we did nothing. I didn’t even kiss you.”

I tossed the paper on the table and leaned back. “So why kidnap me?”

“Another great question.”


“Look, I could have come to you and told you who I was, but would you have been willing to help me?”

“To do what?”

“You know what it’s like to grow up with El Mercury, aka Ella Landry. I don’t. You’ve never had to do without shit. I have.”

Was I supposed to feel sorry for Steve? It wasn’t as if I had a fabulous life with our mother.

“Your point?”

“My point is, I want her to pay.”

I laughed. I laughed so hard I grabbed my sides.

“What the hell is so funny?”

“Y-you.” I fought for composure. “Didn’t you do your research? Most of El’s money was liquidated.”


“Many she drank it or snorted it. If it weren’t for me, she would die without a penny.” 

A little swift thinking and a meeting with a money manager tied up the rest of Mom’s money. Then I got her into a quality residence program—not Betty Ford. Once my mother dried out, the manager established an allowance. Mom can’t have any money unless I allow it.

Steve’s face reddened. “We’ll see about that.”

The knot forming in my gut let me know nothing good came with that statement.

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