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Happy Friday! How are you?

I’m still trying to get back on the horse. Hubby just had his final cataract surgery. Now that both eyes have been done, hopefully life will get back to normal. In the meantime, I’m busy trying to get caught up on my writing, revising, and editing!

Ready for today’s installment of flashy fiction?


Part Nine


I stared across the table at Steve.

He must have thought I was a fool. The man had an obsession with my mother and wanted to blame me for it? How fucking ridiculous!

Yeah, I’d done my fair share of dumb shit as a kid. Skipped school, stole cheap things, and even lifted a bottle of booze from Mom’s stash and then made out with a boy. Cutting classes was a lot more fun than drinking. One was a thrill while the other came with an onslaught of headaches and nausea. But I did those things seeking my mother’s attention.

Ross was different. He did the same shit, but he was acting out. Ross never knew his dad. He needed help on a major level. Mom finally got it for him on his seventeenth birthday when he caused an accident. My brother bawled like a baby when he learned his reckless driving put someone in the hospital. He got lucky. The woman didn’t die, and he didn’t go to jail for murder.

Out of the two of us, though, Ross was the good seed. Once he recovered, he showed he had a heart. I couldn’t fault him for his early years, though. 

Around a mouthful of plastic-tasting noodles, I said, “So what’s your point? Got something against my brother?”


I dropped my fork, and it clattered to the plate. “So, what is your real issue? You can’t go around kidnapping people because you’re starstruck or some shit.”

Steve leaned in. “I ain’t starstruck. More like I’ve had a little enlightenment.”

“Care to share it?”

He sat back and studied me with an odd look on his face. The expression was somewhere between a grimace and a smirk. “If I tell you, you can’t leave here.”

I didn’t see that happening anytime soon. “Spill it.”

“Do you know all your siblings?”

I rolled my eyes. “You must be high.”

“Not at the moment. Answer my question.”

Shaking my head, I said, “I have one brother, Ross King. That’s it. Your point?”

“What if I told you that you have an older brother? One that predates the El Mercury days?”

Granted I might have fried some brain cells over the years, but I would have known if my mother had other children. “If that’s your moment of enlightenment, I suggest you dig deeper or get better drugs.”

“No drugs involved. But I do have proof of what I say.”

Honestly, the man had said nothing worthwhile. “I’m sure you do. So what’s your proof about my older brother?”

“Your mother went to school with a boy named Scott Banks. They hooked up on prom night.”

I shrugged.

“Scott died about two years ago. He was addicted to meth.”

“Are you going to tell me Scott was your father?”

Steve tapped his nose.

“I’m sorry for your loss. Really, I am.” Folding my arms, I said, “Just because your dad knew my mom before she was famous means nothing.”

My crazed kidnapper reached for his wineglass. “Oh, it means a lot. Ella never told Scott that he knocked her up. Instead, she left town. A social worker brought the baby to Scott. I grew up without knowing my mother or my siblings.”

I choked on my spit. “Say what?”

“Our mother gave birth to me and tried to forget I existed.”

Oh, fuck…

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