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PRE-ORDER: “The Shade of Santa Fe” by Eva Pohler


Title: The Shade
of Santa Fe
Author: Eva
Genre: Supernatural
Cover Designer:
Keri Knutson: Alchemy Covers and Design
Editor: Kathy
Date: Oct. 31
st, 2021
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


A haunting
in Santa Fe will either reunite Ghost Healers, Inc. or disband the group


When Ellen
decides to buy a fixer-upper in an art community in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she’s
reassured by the realtor that nothing evil has ever occurred there. What she
doesn’t know is that the bridge near the back of the property is notoriously
known in the town as Suicide Bridge. As she and her friends try to uncover why
so many people have taken their lives there, they are shocked by what they
find. Can the reunion of Ghost Healers, Inc. untether the troubling spirits
near Ellen’s fixer-upper, or will their discoveries be too much for them this


Grab your
copy to begin this ghostly adventure today! The books in this series can be
read in any order.

Eva Pohler is a USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels in multiple genres, including mysteries, thrillers, and young adult paranormal romance based on Greek mythology. Her books have been described as “addictive” and “sure to thrill”–Kirkus Reviews.

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“Ready for our
hike?” Tanya asked.


“Do pigs fly?”
Sue said with a laugh.


“The sooner we
do our hike, the sooner we can get on the road to Santa Fe,” Ellen pointed out.
“Just think, in five hours, we could be shopping in the plaza.”


“Is that
supposed to motivate me? That’s just what I’m looking forward to, more


“Oh, come on,
Sue,” Tanya said. “This will be more of a stroll than a hike. I promise.”


Ellen and her
friends put on their walking shoes and then took the trail beside their cabin
into the canyon.


Ellen breathed
in the cool, morning air. The beauty of the canyon elevated her mood. Some of
the stone formations were thick and striated, while other rocks formed mounds
of crushed granite. In the distance was a tall formation that reminded Ellen of
the sphinx.


“Watch your
step,” Tanya said from up front as she stepped over a large rock.


“This feels so
good,” Ellen said from where she took up the rear. “I feel like we’re one with


“And nature is
so majestic, isn’t it?” Tanya said. “Doesn’t that big rock look like the tower
of a magical castle?”


“I thought it
looked more like the sphinx,” Ellen said.


Sue shook her
head. “You see a castle and Ellen sees a sphinx. What does it say about me that
I see a penis?”


Tanya scoffed.
“You know what it says about you.”


“Don’t tell
Tom,” Sue warned. “He’ll say my mind is in the gutter.”


“Isn’t it?”
Ellen asked.


“Yes, but
there’s no need for Tom to know that.”


The three
friends chuckled. Ellen realized that if someone had overheard Sue, they might
think she was a promiscuous woman who hid her extramarital interests from her
husband, but her friends knew she just liked to make people laugh.


Tanya asked,
“You think there’s any truth to what that psychic said about there being a
shade in Santa Fe? What if there is? What if he confronts us?”


“Oh, Tanya,”
Sue said, “you know as well as we do that there are ghosts everywhere. I’m sure
there’s more than one shade in Santa Fe.”


“But why would
the psychic warn us?” Tanya wanted to know.


“If anyone can
handle a confrontation with a ghost, it’s us,” Sue said. “Don’t let fear get in
your way of having a good time.”


Ellen heard a
shriek as Tanya stopped short.


“Tanya? What
are you screaming about?” Ellen asked from the rear.


“That wasn’t
me,” Tanya said, backing up. “It was that tarantula. See it?”


On the trail
two feet in front of Tanya, a hairy tarantula stood on its hind legs shrieking
like a small child. The spider was as big as Ellen’s hand.


“Turn back” Sue
said, as she pushed Ellen in the direction from which they’d come. “I’ve had
enough of nature for one day.”


“So much for
not letting fear get in the way of having a good time,” Ellen teased.


“I can handle
just about anything but a hairy spider,” Sue said. “Especially one that

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