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I’m baaaacckkk!!

We survived the road trip! Years ago, we swore we’d NEVER drive across country again. Maybe we shouldn’t have said the word never. This time around we said, “We HOPE to not repeat that trip again.” Perhaps that will help us avoid another cross-country trek.

I will admit my writer brain was in full force as we traveled. In Louisiana, I saw things that helped fuel stories. By the time we reached New Mexico, I was coming up with descriptive passages. Hopefully, I’ll build a few stories around them.

Are you ready for another installment of Deception? I swear we’re coming to the end.

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Part Twenty-Three

Apryl Atkins

The flashing blue lights and loud sirens were headed directly for us. Undoubtedly, their arrival was the detective’s fault. No. It was Mary’s. I swear our sister flirted with disaster. Usually I found ways around her blunders. When she began offing men and staging their murders, I listened. I even gave her pointers. 

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I glanced over at Roberta. She had killed no one outside of our parents, but she wasn’t stable. Although Roberta didn’t believe she had issues, I knew better. She was a walking disaster.

My plight in life was picking up behind my sisters. It always had been. Occasionally, I had to get rid of those who threatened our lives. But as the cops grew closer, I doubted if I’d be successful. How would I explain everything?

“Apryl, have we reached the end of the line?” asked Roberta.

“It’s not over yet. Do as I say. Remember the drill?”

“Yeah. Blame Mary.”

“Right. Always blame Mary.”

I slowed down the sedan and pulled onto the shoulder. Within minutes, the state troopers surrounded the vehicle. A brave soul exited a squad car and waltzed up to the car. He tapped on the window, and I lowered it.

“Yes, officer?”

“I need to see some ID.”

“But of course.” I reached for my purse and removed my wallet. As I pulled out my driver’s license, I asked, “What seems to be the issue?”

He looked at the identification and then glimpsed at me before glancing over at Roberta. “Twins?”

I smiled. “Not hardly. We’re sisters, though. Is there a problem?”

“Pop the trunk for me.”

Of course, he had no right to search the car, but I’d allow it. After all, I wasn’t the one with something to hide. 

“Sure thing.” I pushed in the trunk release.

The man walked around and took his damn sweet time checking out the contents. Nothing there but my suitcase. If Mary was on the run, she would have all the condemning evidence with her. Although Roberta had been locked away, Mary was the one who wasn’t so bright.

Minutes later, the officer returned. He handed me my driver’s license and then removed a piece of paper from his rear pocket. “Do you know her?”

It was a picture of Mary.

I sighed dramatically. “Unfortunately. That’s our half-sister, Mary Jenkins. Last time we saw Mary was…” I turned to Roberta. “How long has it been?”

“A few years I think.”

The man nodded. “Where you headed?”

“The airport. My sister has just been released from the hospital. We’re taking a brief wvacation.”

“If you hear from her, be sure to call the authorities. She’s dangerous.”

“Of course.” I watched the officer return to his vehicle. Then all three squad cars drove off.

Roberta chuckled. “Think they bought it?”

“Doesn’t matter. By the time they figure out the puzzle, we’ll be out of here.”

Calvin Reeves

I tapped my fingers against my leg and tried to will my foot to stop jumping. Waiting for intel from the state troopers drove me crazy. Personally, I would have preferred looking for Apryl myself.

Sheriff Fogle’s phone rang, and she picked it up immediately. “This is Amy… Yes… All right. Well, thanks for the information.”

“Should I ask?”

“That was Trooper Nelson. He said he spoke with Apryl and her sister, Roberta.”


“They haven’t spoken to Mary in a few years.”


“If that piece of fake news came from Apryl, I wouldn’t trust it. Did she say where they were headed?”

“On a vacation. They were going to the airport.”

I shook my head. “That’s what they want us to think. Is there a bus or train station nearby?”

“The bus is closer. It’s north of here.” The sheriff cranked the engine. “You honestly think Apryl’s headed that way?”

“I do, but send a team to the airport. Mary’s going to arrive there. Something tells me Apryl wants the authorities to pick up Mary.”


“Apryl wants her sister to be arrested. Mary will take the fall for everything.”

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