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NEW RELEASE: “Dark Bastard” by India Kells


Title: Dark
Author: India
Genre: Romantic
Date: July 13
th, 2021
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To find the light, he must confront
the darkness.


Sam Sarkhan has had enough. Enough of life, enough of struggling with his
demons every day, enough of pretending that everything is okay. Even though his
time as a soldier taught him not to give in until the mission is over, he
decides to end it all on New Year’s Eve. A final call to his brother shows him
he’s not the only one suffering when he misdials and reaches someone who seems
as lost as he is.

Deciding to put off ending it all until he’s sure Ellie is going to live,
Sam is left reeling when his darkest nightmare crashes back into his life. In
order to save Ellie from the monster that is his father, Sam must make a deal
with the devil.

With his heart on the line and his
soul in tatters, Sam must decide if he’ll take an ultimate chance on love, or
if his demons will drag him under for good.

India Kells is a romantic suspense and paranormal romance author with many books under her pen. Her love for strong female characters, wicked alpha males and sexy tense situations, where villains and danger are lurking nearby, help her weave captivating stories that will leave you breathless and wanting for more.

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