NEW RELEASE: “Betting Blind” by Loren Beeson


Title: Betting Blind
Author: Loren Beeson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Emily Wittig
Publication Date: June 18th, 2021
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Cassidy Smith
is desperate for some excitement. Her free-spirited best friend keeps her on
her toes with the occasional misadventure, but deep down, she just needs…
more. When the girls stumble into a bar known for its bad reputation and a
tattooed, bad boy owner, Cassidy’s left daydreaming about what it would be like
to ditch her boring life and find a way to fit in with the rough, rowdy crowd
of The Pound.


Jack Campbell’s
got a one-track mind. He works hard to provide for the guys who work for him
and even harder to keep his bar running in tip-top shape. He can’t afford the
temptation of Cassidy being more than just a temporary employee, but against
his better judgment, he offers the beautiful blonde a job at his bar. Things
get more complicated for Jack when his older brother starts stirring up trouble
in town, etching a target on his back and forcing him into a world he promised
never to turn back to.


With their
hearts on the table and a deck full of secrets, will they bet it all… or give
up their hand?

Loren is a dreamer, artist, radiologic technologist, and author who loves animals and people. Always writing short stories as a young child and young adult, she knew she wanted to become an author someday. The Art of Loving Ellie is Loren’s debut novel.

Loren can be found in her cozy home in Texas with her nose in a book, her corgi and mini aussie on her lap, and her son trailing along with her and her husband through their many adventures.

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