NEW RELEASE: “Acts of Divinity” Anthology


Title: Acts of
Genre: Fantasy
Date: July 15
th, 2021
Hosted by: Lady
Amber’s PR


Gods and Humans. Who will rule over fate?


From punishing wastelands to the depths of the sea, Gods and mortals have
been entwined in the fabric of the universe, since the beginning of time. Some
work together; others try to destroy one another, fighting over the right to
rule destiny.


Dive into a thrilling collection filled with suspense, love, betrayal,
and magic.


Eight talented authors bring to life the struggles, the joys, and the
thrill of merging the world of deities with the world of men.

Participating Authors:

Tamara Rokicki

Celeste Thrower

E. Mackey

L.J. Rivers

Erin Casey

Amanda K. Mann

D. Fischer

J. McCarthy

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