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SF Benson  

RELEASE DAY: “Bloodshed: The BlackGuard Society, Book 2” by SF Benson


TITLE: Bloodshed: The BlackGuard Society, Book 2


EDITOR: Tia Silverthorne Bach

GENRE: Urban Fantasy, Vampire Suspense



Few have seen the BlackGuard Society, yet they’re all around.  When rogue paranormals threaten mankind, the BGS alone is our last line of defense. 

Morgan Vladislav will one day lead the BlackGuard Society… if she can prove she’s worthy of the privilege. But the return of Alexander St. John to the French Quarter will be the ultimate test of her resolve. The rogue vampire has sired a new vampiress, whose bloodlust is leaving a crimson trail down Bourbon Street. 

Agents Vladislav and Broussard are ready to spring into action and put a stop to the reign of terror inflicted by St. John and his new bride. To their great regret, the BGS insists the murderous pair are not to be touched. 

Not one to sit idly by, Morgan puts Ace and her son, Colby, at risk by ignoring the rules and moving in on the attack. Will the dhampir’s recklessness be enough to put an end to the callous bloodsuckers? Or will Morgan’s rash behavior pit her against the BlackGuard?




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