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How have you been? It’s been two weeks since we spoke last. I’m so sorry. With my daughter working on Mother’s Day, we spent last Friday together. That meant some things I normally did were put on a back burner. To make up for my absence, how about a sale?

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Nothing packs a punch like love…

Book One

When you throw punches, sometimes life throws one back…

Ten years ago, Chance Hanlon and Ximena Ibarra were the hottest couple in town. Then a tragedy broke them up and changed their lives. Chance headed for the octagon while Ximena spent her days trying to recover.

When Ximena’s father dies, the couple comes face-to-face. Keeping the memories hidden isn’t working for her. It’s definitely not working for Chance, but he refuses to walk away. This time he’s ready to fight for something more important than a title or a belt.

Will the fighter be victorious outside of the ring in the only battle that matters?

Book Two

When life knocks you down, you have to fight back…

After a brutal attack, Kaya Begay wants nothing more than to hide from the world. The young casino worker has always looked to retreat from a challenge, but then she meets Royce Wilson–a man who won’t back off. The trainer for MMA pro Chance Hanlon is a force to reckon with, but he has his own set of wounds. Helping Kaya gives him the hope he desperately needs.

Life seems good until Kaya begins pushing Royce away. While he’s trying to figure out what’s going on, his ex-wife blows into town. The woman is hell in heels and threatens any attempt at happiness Kaya and Royce might have.

Can the couple move past their issues and fight for the relationship they both deserve?

Book Three

He needs to be the best version of himself possible…

But Javier Hernández isn’t sure what is his best. 

He’s only ever known his dark side. A convict father and a gang remind Javier daily. Always in trouble with the law, society defined Javier as a no-good man who would end up in jail or dead. Until a chance run-in opens the door to change.

Harper Winslow understands what it means to give his best. The former Marine served his country proudly. Losing his leg ended his career, but it didn’t end his recklessness. The man has a history with random men, but he hungers to find a special someone who would calm his fears and hold him on those long nights when terror set in.

Two men with one goal—to be a better man.

But can love overcome doubt and fear?

And now for this week’s installment of Deception!

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Part Eleven


Calvin Reeves

Whether I wanted to dwell on the situation with Mary wasn’t up to me. I had a job to do. When I walked through the door the following day, it stared me in the face. The mayor and the police chief were both in my office.

I nodded to the men and walked around my desk. “What can I do for you?”

“Cut the bullshit, Reeves,” said Chief Scarletti. “What’s the progress on the Wright case?”

Glancing up at the mayor, I remembered to be respectful. “I wish I could say more, but—”

“But what?” asked the mayor—a former district attorney and an instructor. If my memory served me correctly, the man had made a few guest appearances on some well-known television shows.

“With all due respect, sir, your godson’s case is still being investigated. It’s the policy—”

“Don’t do that with me. If the media asks for your opinion, give them that answer. I appreciate the truth.”

Slowly, I sat down and unlocked my computer. There was no easy way to tell the man, so I didn’t even try. “Was your godson gay?”

The mayor’s dark eyes bugged. “Why would you ask that?”

“The evidence points to a sexual encounter.” I was doing my best to be careful with my wording. When the man continued staring at me, I said, “The coroner found evidence of anal sex.”

“Oh. Well, Morley was interested in men and women.” The mayor took a seat in front of the desk. “Are you saying—”

“We don’t have a lead on the suspect yet. But I have a theory.” I scrubbed a hand over my face. “We might have a serial killer on our hands. Same MO in some other cases. Connie Hidalgo in the coroner’s office is pulling up some records for me.”

Scarletti bobbed his head. But it was the mayor who spoke. “I want a task force assembled. I don’t care how much manpower you need. Get this solved. Last thing the city needs is a fucking serial killer.”

“Yes, sir,” said Scarletti. “I’m on it. My department will do whatever it—”

The city official scowled. “Stop sucking up, Scarletti. It’s not a good look.”

I waited for the men to leave before calling Connie. 

“Good morning, Detective. Are you calling about the files?”

“Yeah. Have you sent—”

“Check your email. I sent them an hour ago.”

An hour ago? Hell, it was barely eight o’clock. My fingers flew across the keyboard. Seconds later, I stared at a list of messages from the coroner’s office. 


Before I hung up, she said, “Start with the one marked urgent. Call if you have questions.”

“Will do.” I clicked on the critical transmission.


I ran an analysis on the hairs found at Morley Wright’s home. Turns out the fibers are cuticle hair, meaning wigs made from human hair. According to the other cases in question, I found similar strands on the scene of each crime. The DNA would be of no use. I did, however, find something that might help. Our suspect is definitely female. Although she was very good at cleaning up the evidence, she missed one little thing. Call me! 

I wanted to kill Connie! How dare she send me a cliffhanger?

She picked up on the first ring. “That didn’t take long.”

“Connie, I’m not in the mood.” I reached for my mug of coffee. For a moment, I wondered why I stopped smoking. Oh, yeah. My ex. She hated the smell. Then she hated me… “The chief and the mayor were here earlier.”

“I know. The men stopped by here first. Want to know more about the suspect?” When I didn’t answer, Connie said, “She left skin cells on Morley’s clothing.”

Hot damn!

“Tell me you have DNA.”

“Running the test now. I’ll call you when—”

Fuck that. I wanted to know as soon as the results came in.

“I’m on my way to you.”

Hopefully, I could soon give the mayor and Scarletti the news they wanted.

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That’s it for this week! Take care!

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