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Atlanta got played a supreme April Fool’s Joke!


We had a freeze warning overnight! Unbelievable! Since my daughter and I are packing up whatever we’re not using, my warm fuzzy boots are in a sealed box. I’d have to start ripping open the ones marked shoes to find them. Too many to go through. I had to settle for running shoes (yeah, I know. I don’t run).

Other than the rude awakening, how are you? I got my first dose of vaccine during the week. That sucker hit me hard yesterday. I was so tired I didn’t feel like talking. Imagine that? A vaccine that got me to stop talking! LOL!

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Since I’m spreading news… Have you preordered your copy of Fighting for the Best: TKO Love Series, Book 3?

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He needs to be the best version of himself possible…

But Javier Hernández isn’t sure what is his best. 

He’s only ever known his dark side. A convict father and a gang remind Javier daily. Always in trouble with the law, society defined Javier as a no-good man who would end up in jail or dead. Until a chance run-in opens the door to change.

Harper Winslow understands what it means to give his best. The former Marine served his country proudly. Losing his leg ended his career, but it didn’t end his recklessness. The man has a history with random men, but he hungers to find a special someone who would calm his fears and hold him on those long nights when terror set in.

Two men with one goal—to be a better man.

But can love overcome doubt and fear?

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And now for the latest installment in Deception!

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Part Seven


Apryl Atkins

It was a stroke of genius renting out an apartment in the detective’s building. After discarding my earlier playmate, I realized that Calvin Reeves was the perfect derision. He was a challenge. A cop. Someone who should be able to see danger before he stepped in it.

But he wouldn’t see me coming.

No one ever did.

To be honest, I was an anomaly. Most people didn’t think about women doing the things I’d done. History books spilled over with the exploits of men with detestable monikers. Like the Ripper, the Vampire Rapist, the Shadow Killer, or the Berlin Butcher. All men. Such fools.

We women weren’t all innocent flowers. Given the chance, we could be more despicable than any man. We were the world’s greatest pretenders. We looked like the suburban wife, the fragile grandmother, or the doting mother.

But I wasn’t a monster.

I had my limits. Children were a barrier I wouldn’t cross. I also didn’t touch women. After all, most females suffered enough just because men considered us the weaker sex.

But there was nothing weak about me.

I’d learned a long time ago that weakness was for victims. If I didn’t want to become someone’s pretty corpse, I had to be willing to fight. Not in defense. But in offense. Taking out those who would do me harm.

Shutting the cabinet on the last of the groceries, I leaned against the counter. I’d have to at least maintain a pretense of living in the overpriced apartment. How long would it take me to seduce the detective? With a physique like his, I’d need to up the dosage. I might have to find a different delivery method. There was even a chance that after the director the cops might know the drug. Good thing I knew the right people in the right places.

I walked through the living room and into the bedroom. Opening the closet, I surveyed my cache of tools. Over the course of my career, I’d discovered that injectables was always the easiest. My hand instinctively chose a vial of vecuronium bromide. I’d have to determine the highest dose I could use for Reeves. But first, I’d need something to alter his sense of perception.

Leaning against the door, I imagined the efficiency of the LAPD. The medical examiner would have determined the cause of death and any drugs used. The detective wouldn’t be dumb enough to drink alcohol from a relative stranger. He’d be on the lookout for someone trying to roofie him. But a little powder disguised in his favorite food wouldn’t be noticed until it was too late.

Smiling to myself, I thought about the fun I could have with Detective Reeves. He’d become my greatest annihilation. Something I could go down in history for. 

I left my small town to strike it big in Hollywood. Fame and fortune were my destiny. All I got was a slew of rejections. Talent agents claimed there was nothing special about me. No one was looking for another blonde, blue-eyed beauty. There were too many as it was.

But if I pulled off my next project, my name would go up in lights. The authorities would give me a moniker. I’d have a brand. Hell, they probably make a movie about me.

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Would I be able to name myself?

Maybe something classy like Sicaria? Or the Sexy Slayer?

I closed the closet and headed for the shower. It was time to lose the persona of Mary Purebred for a moment.

That’s it for this week! If you’re in my neck of the woods, stay warm!

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