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Happy Friday! How are you today? I’m feeling pretty righteous. Life is returning to normal in the ATL. I haven’t decided whether that’s a good thing yet. Traffic has increased, and now I have to get used to more people in stores. My extroverted self became a tad more introverted—thanks 2020!

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And now for this week’s installment of…

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Part Nine


Calvin Reeves

I studied the reports for so long my vision blurred and my head hurt. Surely, I had to be wrong. The victims ranged in size from skinny dudes who probably pushed pencils for a living to guys who could easily be mistaken for gym rats. A woman couldn’t have killed those men. Not possible, right?

Given the right opportunity, anything was possible. I looked at the evidence again.

Ten random men from different walks of life.

The same drugs—Rohypnol and a neuromuscular blocking agent—used in each case.

The same method of delivery—alcohol and a syringe—An injection from behind. The angle suggested the suspect was tall or wearing heels.

Automatically, I thought male, but there was more detail that confirmed an error in my thinking. Blonde hairs… brown hairs… red hairs… black hairs. All the trace evidence was synthetic in origin. So we were looking at a female who changed her appearance with each kill or a man masquerading. 

I would have preferred the latter option. It would have made my job a little easier. Just head to WeHo and stalk the clubs. Of course, nothing about being a detective was that damn simple. 

Closing the file, I lowered my head into my hands. As I closed my eyes, my phone rang. Grabbing the device, I didn’t even bother checking the screen. “Yeah? Reeves, here.”

“Hey, bro! How are you doing?”

“Shit! I’m sorry, Marissa.” Her voice sounded mildly cautious. “Was I supposed to do something for you?”

“No. I was just calling to tell you that Scamp was out of food. I picked up a bag for him along with a new bed.”

“What was wrong with his old one?”

She chuckled. “I think it’s mad at you.”

I blew air through my cheeks and stared up at the ceiling. “What the hell did he do now?”

“Hey, you can’t leave an animal cooped up all day and don’t think it needs to pee and poop.”

Marissa was right. Last time I had a case that kept me away, Scamp destroyed the bedroom. He didn’t stop until he shredded my comforter and smeared feces all over the wall.

“How bad was it?”

“I think the dog’s taken up paw painting. Don’t worry, though, I took him to the groomer too.”

“Thanks, Marissa. For everything.”

“Not a problem. Might I suggest—”

“Yes!” I shouted. “Keep him, please. I have no need for a dog in my life.”

“You sure? I thought I might have to twist your arm.”

“No way! I’ll pack up the rest of his—”

“Not necessary. I took care of it while the cleaning crew handled the mess.” She paused for a second. “If you want to thank me, come over for dinner. There’s someone you should meet.”

I shook my head. Marissa was always trying to hook me up with one of her friends, but when she began stumbling across desperate women, I had to draw the line. “I don’t think so.”

“Aw, come on. She’s gorgeous! Hell, if I were into women, I’d do her.”

“I won’t stop you.” I leaned back in my chair and put my feet up. “Might be a delightful break from those losers you keep dating.”

“You’re hilarious. Dinner’s on at six-thirty. I made lasagna. Mom’s recipe.”

Damn. Marissa knew how much I loved that dish.

She continued, “Bring a bottle of red wine. Make it good. None of that two-buck hooch.”

“Yeah, yeah. But I ain’t dating this broad.”

“We’ll see.”

I disconnected and stared at the door. In all honesty, I needed to keep working. The case wouldn’t crack itself, and I couldn’t chance some other poor sucker dying.


Layers of cheesy goodness…

That sounded a hell of a lot better than a fast-food burger or pizza. I tossed my pen on the desk and stood. I’ll make nice for an hour and then excuse myself.

Yeah, that would work.

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That’s it for this week! Have a great, safe weekend!

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