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NEW RELEASE: “Interview with a Seducer” by Maggie Tideswell


Title: Interview
with a Seducer
Author: Maggie
Paranormal Ghost Romance
Editor: Toni
Cox from Dragan Proofing
Date: April 13
th, 2021
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


Trip Murgatroyd is a hotter than hot escort. He is happy with his life,
with what he does for a living – he is comfortable in his own skin.


Then he receives an unusual request – to be Rachel’s 30th birthday gift.
Given the minimum of information about her, but booked for a full night with
her, he immediately knows she is different to his clients.


She comes with baggage – her late husband. That she only wants to ‘talk’
about his profession, he doesn’t believe for a moment. It all adds to the
initial allure.


Until he realizes what danger she is in, posed by the ghost of her dead


How is she to escape from a jealous ghost?


bestselling author of spooky paranormal romance, Maggie Tideswell never planned
to write ghost stories. She actually wanted to write romance, hot, steamy, full
of emotion. You know the kind – boy meets girl, they fall in love, then boy
loses girl and wants her back… 


But, before she
knew it, there was a persistent ghost on the page who wouldn’t get out of the
way of real storytelling. The only thing to do was to give him a job. If he
wanted to be part of the story, he had to work for it. 


Maggie soon
found that the trick was to combine things that couldn’t be rationally
explained, with sweaty bodies and rumpled sheets in such a way that toes curl
and hair stand on end. Married to a chef, Maggie is nearly as passionate about
creating new dishes as she is about creating alpha heroes every woman could
fall in love with, just as she does, every time.

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