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Happy Friday! It’s been a wild week. How have you been? I’m glad to see the week end. It was the first one without having my hubby with us daily, and I’ll admit I miss him.

Oh, if you don’t know, my alter ego (SF Benson) has a story in a new anthology coming to you next week. If you love science fiction and paranormal, be sure to order your copy! SF Benson’s story is titled The Aria of Oak Moon Bay!

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Part Five


Apryl Atkins

The detective was handsome but preoccupied. He assumed a polite smile would keep me away. Wrong. Giving up easily wasn’t my style.

“Is that how you treat a woman? I thought the men in blue aimed to appease the public,” I said in a quaint country drawl—something I’d been working on.

He glanced up at me. “I’m sorry. Do I know you?”

I extended my hand. “I’m afraid not. The name’s Honey Walker.”

He laughed. “You’re serious?”

“Yes, sir.” I poured on the Southern Belle persona. “Just between you and me, I think my poor mother must have taken leave of her senses when she had me.”

That time the man gave me a genuine smile and visibly relaxed. “Well, it’s nice to meet you, Honey. I’m Detective Calvin Reeves.”

Waving my hand in front of my face, I said, “Oh, la-dee-da. A detective.”

He burst out laughing. “Where are you from, Honey?”

“Southern Georgia. A little old town called Fancy Hall.”

Detective Reeves regained his composure just as the doors parted. “Well, it was a pleasure. You made my day.”

“Perhaps we’ll meet again,” I said.

“Well, L.A. is a big town,” he said as he exited the elevator.

I watched him stroll toward the front door. Oh, we’d definitely meet again. I’d make sure of it.

Calvin Reeves 

Running into Honey Walker, if that was really her name, brought a little sunshine to a dreary day. It amazed me that women like her thought they could run a con on just about any man. I saw through the exaggerated accent. I suspected the town couldn’t be found on any map either.

Shaking my head, I peeled out of the parking lot. Just as I made a right, I glimpsed another car pulling out. Under normal circumstances, there wasn’t anything odd about a second vehicle leaving the coroner’s office. But my suspicious nature was on high alert. Honey set it off. Most likely, I’d spend the day wondering if every person I met was on the up and up.

Every light I hit, I looked for the hunter-green older model Mercedes. Two miles from the building, I spotted the vehicle. The driver, a cute blonde wearing oversized dark glasses, pulled out from behind me and remained in the right lane. When I looked over, she gave me a nervous smile and then steered toward a shopping center.

She wasn’t Honey. The woman wasn’t following me. It was only my imagination on hyper-drive. Officially, I needed some sleep. Maybe a little sex. A meal wouldn’t hurt either.

What I learned from Connie could wait until I heard from her. In the meantime, I was going home. Feed the dog. Feed myself. Shower and then fall into bed.

Apryl Atkins 


Quick thinking was my strong suit, but I almost blew it. First chance I got, I’d have to ditch the car. Detective Reeves was too smart. He’d recognize the vintage Benz a mile away. 

I checked my appearance in the rearview mirror. Thank God for sunglasses! He had no idea I was the same woman from the elevator.

Years ago, I made an almost fatal mistake. One that could have landed me in prison or worse. I dragged a comb through my platinum blonde locks and then applied another coat of bright-pink lipstick. 

The good detective was safe for now. I’d find someone else to quench my thirst. Glancing around the strip mall, I glimpsed the perfect diversion. He looked the type who might prefer redheads. 

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That’s it for this week! Have a great weekend!

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