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SF Benson  

COVER REVEAL: “Deadly Relatives: Daimones of Death, Book 1” by SF Benson


Title: Deadly Relatives: Daimones of Death, Book 1

Author: SF Benson

Genre: Greek Myth & Legend/Fantasy

Editor: Tia Silverthorne Bach

Cover Design: Avanturine Press Author Services

Expected Release Date: May 26, 2021



People died when I fell asleep. 

When I close my eyes, someone dies. It began on my 21st birthday. 

Most people celebrated the milestone with a legal beer. I had my first freaky nightmare. Dreamt a guy from high school was killed in an accident. Woke up to learn it wasn’t just a dream. 

That’s when Mom dropped a bomb in my lap and introduced me to someone from her past. I went from not knowing my father to finding out he was the personification of death.

Which made me Death’s daughter!

Everything went downhill from there. I also had a legion of crazy aunts, the Keres, who were hell-bent on death—mine. They didn’t have the power to kill, just torment the dying. My aunts wanted to add me to an eternal buffet, feeding off my powers until I wished I was dead.

Then I met my father and visited the Underworld. Worse mistake ever!

If I can avoid sleep and stay hidden from the Keres, I might survive.



About the Author

SF Benson is the author of the paranormal suspense series, The Spell Caster Diaries. Although she knows everything about Falls Creek, New York and the supernaturals living there, she resides with her husband and daughter in a suburb north of Atlanta. When she’s not writing about strong heroes and heroines conquering the odds, she spends her time either reading romance and fantasy novels or binge-watching her favorite DC Universe shows or Marvel movies.


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