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Title: Eternally
Author: Harper
A. Brooks & Olivia Boothe
Genre: Paranormal
Editor: Amalie
Cover Designer:
Ravenborn Covers
Date: Feb. 16
th, 2021
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She wasn’t looking for love. He gave
her forever…


After being attacked by a wolf-like creature and left for dead, Loren
Stone wakes in the house of a mysterious and sexy stranger. Something within
her has changed. Her veins crave human blood. But it’s another type of hunger
she finds herself fighting to control… her unrelenting need for Nicholas
Guerra. She should hate the vampire who took everything she loved from her, yet
is thrust into a battle against her own burning desire for him.


After centuries of being groomed to be the next vampire leader, Nicholas
turned his back on his family to live among the humans. The last thing he
expected was for his immortal life to collide with that of a mortal’s. Then…
he watched Loren get attacked by the beast sent for him. Unwilling to let her
die, he’s forced to sire her. However Nicholas never expected to fall in love,
and now he aches for the one woman he’s forbidden to have.


From USA Today Bestselling Author Harper A. Brooks & Romance Author
Olivia Boothe, comes a new sizzling paranormal romance that will leave you
thirsting for more.


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**Eternally Yours is a standalone

Harper A.
Brooks lives in a small town on the New Jersey shore. Even though classic
authors have always filled her bookshelves, she finds her writing muse drawn to
the dark, magical, and romantic. But when she isn’t creating entire worlds with
sexy shifters or legendary love stories, you can find her either with a good
cup of coffee in hand or at home snuggling with her furry, four-legged son,

She writes
urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

RONE Award

Bestselling Author

Bestselling Author

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Olivia enjoys
crafting novels with deep, layered plots. Because it’s not just about the first
kiss and the happily ever after, it’s about everything in between.


In addition to
writing contemporary romance, Boothe also ventures in romantic suspense and
adult fantasy.


When not locked
away in her writing tower at the wee hours of the night, Olivia manages working
a 9-5 job and wrangling a pack of alphas (a husband, three boys, and a doggo
named Hunter). On occasion, she summons her tribe for a night of wine and

Author Links:


InstagramFacebookBookbubReader Group


She narrowed
her eyes, the regret I’d seen in her gaze turning to contempt. “Fuck. You.”

I shouldn’t
have enjoyed the pain flickering in her eyes, but dammit, she’d hit a part of
me that only knew how to push back. “That’s the second time you’ve said it. Is
that what you want then, for me to fuck you?”

Her hand met
the side of my face so fast, I felt the sting and heard the sharp sound before
I realized what happened. Startled, I stared at her, and the blue in her eyes
changed to red, fangs pushing past her lips.

I deserved that
slap and more for being such a prick. But shit, there was something maddeningly
sexy about seeing her so full of rage and transformed. As I gazed into the glow
of her eyes, I felt a stream of hot liquid trickle down my chin. Reaching up to
touch my face, I smelled the blood before feeling its warmth coat my fingers. I
rotated my jaw to ease the throbbing pain of her blow. She’d not only clocked
me good, she’d cut me. From the amount of blood, the gash had been deep.

She’d wanted to
piss me off, but her anger and defiance only made me burn hotter for her. Using
my thumb, I smeared the blood across her lips, mocking her attempts to rile me,
but also needing to quell my need to touch her. “How’s that taste, Beastie?”

Her eyes became
glossy as she licked the blood off her lips, the sight of her tongue brushing
across her plump mouth making my body stiffen and sending an electric current
straight to my cock.

“Do it,” she
said, leaning in, her voice breathy. “Fuck me. Or are you only about empty

I loved the
mischief in her eyes and the challenge in her words. She could try to deny it
if she wanted, but I felt it. How badly she wanted me to kiss her. How needy
she was for my blood. The smart thing would’ve been to end this dangerous game.
There was no point in playing if I didn’t intend to finish.

But I was too
weak against the lure of her shiny gaze and the warm scent of her skin. Drawing
in close, I caged her in my arms as I placed my palms against the tree trunk,
taking in that sweetness that perfumed her entire body. Bending my head down, I
feathered my lips against the soft flesh of her neck, and whispered, “Oh,
Beastie. I’ll only give you what you want if you beg for it.”

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