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YEAR END REVIEW: “2021 Releases”

Before we say good-bye and good riddance to 2021, I wanted to look back at a few highlights—those things that mattered most to me and why.

Today, I’m spotlighting my releases.

I’ll be honest. The pandemic and lockdown didn’t help my bottom end. Without the influx of finances (book signings and my husband’s contribution), it was difficult to release the books I’d wanted to. More than once, I changed my publishing schedule. Each time I did, I told myself it was for the best.

All things considered, I did have eight releases! The most anticipated one was the audio release of The Glass Watch: All Things Dark & Magickal, Book One.

I was a published author for FOUR different anthologies (two under Nadirah Foxx). Two of the stories will be published independently in 2022—The Aria of Oak Moon Bay and Off the Hook!. I’m doing a total rewrite of Reasons Why.

I’m not dismayed in the slightest. Yes, it was a hard year, but I think it may me and my writing stronger.

Tomorrow, I’ll feature those works-in-progress I completed in 2021!

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