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YEAR-END REVIEW: “An Accomplishment”

Before we say good-bye and good riddance to 2021, I wanted to look back at a few highlights—those things that mattered most to me and why.

Today, I’m spotlighting an accomplishment.

In 2020, I began an online course for authors looking to make a six-figure income. Honestly, it didn’t seem like an ideal time to do it. We were in the midst of the pandemic lockdown, and our household income had dwindled to practically nothing (thank to the state of Georgia’s unemployment office). Fortunately, my daughter was still working and offered to pay the monthly cost.

I’ll admit when I started the course, I had the energy of a bull in a porcelain shop. I skimmed over segments and didn’t take notes. Why? Because I was in a hurry to get to the pertinent stuff (how to breathe life into a dead backlist).

Mind you, I did the lessons. I began writing a new series (the Daimones of Death). Funny thing happened, though, when I got to the second half of the course. I began seeing my flaws. I realized the blunders I’d made and had to face facts. Skipping details got me to where I was. I needed to approach things differently.

Instead of doing the last section for graduates, I started over. Technically, I’d completed everything and could register for the advertising course, but I wasn’t truly ready.

So I’ve taken a step back, pulled out a new notebook, and began really studying the materials.

The review has been helpful. It allowed me to see that the new series I started had some issues and wasn’t ready for publication. It also enabled me to address the major issue with the first book in the All Things Dark & Deadly series.

Thanks to Rebecca Hamilton for a worthy course! If you’re a struggling author or a not-published-yet writer, I strongly suggest taking her classes (there are a few freebies to help you make the decision).

Tomorrow, I’ll look at back my releases of 2021.

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