NEW RELEASE: “King Bastard” by India Kells

Title: King
Author: India
Genre: Romantic
Date: November 30
th, 2021
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He needs to defeat his enemy to save
the one person who matters.


Like Lazarus from the bible, Lazarus King rose from the dead, chose a new
name, and with the help of his bastard brothers, they’ve all but taken down
their father, the monster who’s destroyed so many lives, including his own. As
the oldest, he’s duty-bound to finish what they started, what should’ve been
done so many years ago, and now it’s time to strike the final blow.


But how can he catch a feral animal when it can’t be found?


On the verge of cornering his father, Oz finds his plans in disarray when
the one person he can’t resist walks back into his life. Until now, he’s
refused to acknowledge the attraction he feels for Doctor Sasha Landry, as love
only makes a person weaker.

Lazarus is sure he can separate his emotions from the job he needs to do
and keep Sasha safe.


The experienced operative should have known better…

When Sasha’s life is threatened by the one person Lazarus should have
protected her from, he realizes that the only way to defeat the enemy is to
open himself to love and put his heart and life on the line. He can only pray
they all make it out alive, and none of his family will become collateral
damage along the way.

India Kells is a romantic suspense and paranormal romance author with many books under her pen. Her love for strong female characters, wicked alpha males and sexy tense situations, where villains and danger are lurking nearby, help her weave captivating stories that will leave you breathless and wanting for more.

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