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Happy Friday! How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was quiet one with my husband and our daughter. Good food and good company.

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Part Four


Breakfast? Was he serious?

Skeevy Steve came around the corner with a wraparound smile and a bag of food. “Babe, you really shouldn’t leave your front door unlocked. You never know who might come in.”

No shit!

Rather than cause a scene and have to explain everything to Mom, I forced a pleasant expression and said, “Well, sweetheart, I thought I’d locked it.”

Steve’s cheerful tone increased when he noticed my mother. “Oh, my god! Never mind your forgetfulness. I would have totally skipped locking up, too, with El Mercury in the room.”

My mother ate up the admiration like a dieter at a banquet. “I don’t believe we’ve met.”

Not waiting for an introduction, Steve set the bag on the counter and then approached Mom with his hand outstretched. “This is such an honor to meet you. I’ve been a fan of yours for years. Name’s Steve.”

She shook his hand and then asked, “How long have you been dating my daughter?”

“Mom, we’re—”

“Not long, but our chemistry was epic as soon as our eyes met. We’ve practically been inseparable.”


“I’m glad to hear Joss is settling down. Now, I understand why I haven’t heard from her lately.”

Steve had nothing to do with my vanishing act. Honestly, I did my best to keep my distance. Too much time around my mother gave me a tremendous case of the hives. I couldn’t relax around her. And if we were in public, my reaction was so much worse. I couldn’t speak. Could barely think. My life was so much better without my mother in it.

The man posing as my significant other didn’t help the situation. He walked up behind me and put an arm around my shoulder. Steve kissed my cheek. “I’m so sorry, El. I will make it my duty to bring Jocelyn around more often.”

“That would be nice.” Mom’s eyes raked over him briefly before she announced, “I need to go. Joss, don’t forget the car will come for you in the morning.”

“Oh?” asked Steve, looking at my mother. “What’s happening tomorrow?”

I kept quiet and let my mother enjoy the spotlight. “I’m filming a new documentary, and Joss has agreed to be a part of it. My driver will come by early to get her prepared.”

“Lovely. I’ll make sure she’s ready. Shall I walk you out?”

Mom smiled like a Cheshire Cat. “Joss, this one is worth keeping. Such good manners.”

I watched them walk out, chatting steadily. Not waiting around for a repeat performance from Steve, I ran and locked the door.

Seconds later, my phone rang, but I took my time returning to the kitchen. When I arrived, there was a text message.

Steve: Babe, I loved meeting your mother. Can’t wait to see you tonight.

Instead of ignoring him, I quickly replied.

Jocelyn: How did you get into my house?

It was an obvious question. I wasn’t the type who purposely forgot things, like locking doors and windows. When you’re the kid of a celebrity, overlooking security could be an open invitation to a crazed fan.

I didn’t have to wait long for his response.

Steve: Like I said, you left your door unlocked. Not a smart move on your part.

Neither was my continued association with him.

Jocelyn: Don’t bother coming by later. We’re not a couple.

One more message came through.

Steve: Don’t worry. We’ll fix that soon enough.

Not if I could help it.

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