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NEW RELEASE: “Marguerite & Gaston” by Rozsa Gaston

Title: Marguerite
and Gaston
Author: Rozsa
Historical Fiction
Date: October 12
th, 2021
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love beckons at the French royal court. A 100-page short story by the author of
the award-winning Anne of Brittany Series.


In 1509
Marguerite d’Angoulême of the royal House of Valois is the King of France’s
most valuable unmarried asset. Gaston de Foix is France’s most promising young
knight, eager to prove himself on the King’s Italian campaigns.


Fanned by
chivalric ideals of courtly love, Marguerite and Gaston burn for each other
with a secret flame. When Gaston learns that the King intends to marry
Marguerite to the Armagnac heir, he is heartbroken. Louis XII needs Armagnac
lands for the crown of France. What better way to achieve his aim than through
the heir that Marguerite will create as wife to the head of the House of
Armagnac, mingling bloodlines with the House of Valois?


Gaston begs the
King to allow him to marry Marguerite. But Louis XII’s plans are firm. Relaying
his despair to Marguerite, Gaston swears she will always be his one true love.
Pledging their troth to each other in a secret ceremony, only weeks remain
before Marguerite’s marriage separates them forever.


Marguerite has
no choice but to obey her king. Yet raised in the heady fumes of Renaissance
self-determination, she longs to seize fate in her own hands. Will she attain
her heart’s desire before duty calls?


By the
author of Anne and Louis, General Fiction Winner, Publishers Weekly 2018 Book Life


Rozsa Gaston writes playful books on serious matters, including the struggles women face to get what they want out of life. She studied European history at Yale, and received her Master’s degree in international affairs from Columbia University. In between, Gaston worked as a singer/pianist all over the world. She lives in Bronxville, NY with her family.

Gaston is currently working on Anne and Louis: Middle Years, Book Three of the Anne of Brittany Series, a fictional account of the life of Anne of Brittany, Queen of France, during the middle years of her second marriage from 1499-1514 to Louis XII, King of France. Her other books include Sense of Touch: Love and Duty at Anne of Brittany’s Court, Budapest Romance, Dog Sitters, Paris Adieu, Black is Not a Color, and Running from Love.

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