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Happy Friday! It’s the first of a new year. So far, it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride to say the least.

My husband and I are still recovering from our illnesses. Other than the lingering cough, I’m doing better. Hubby has had more than one or two symptoms that won’t go away. I’m afraid he might be one of the long-haulers with this illness.

Have you preordered your copy of the new anthology I’m in?


My story is Reasons Why:

When the unimaginable happens to all-American quarterback, Mackenzie Craig, he loses everything. His hopes, his dreams, and his heart. Pushing aside Remi Hollister is for her own good. That’s what he told himself ten years ago.

But fate likes to play with fragile hearts.

A reunion offers a second chance but will Mack allow himself to take it?

It’s been a decade of lies and secrets. He’s no longer sporting the chiseled god look. Mack’s just another man struggling to survive and beat cancer. Again.

Remi’s the girl too scared to try but unable to let go. Would learning the truth about their breakup change things for the woman who can’t stop thinking about her first love?

It all comes down to one simple word.

When you’ve looked death in the face and gave it the finger, saying sorry should be easy.



The Secrets We Keep

Part Twenty-Six


After breakfast, Paul left Tiago and I alone to make a phone call to his office. As soon as my ex was out of earshot, Tiago lit into me.

“What the fuck, Cassie? What the hell is going on?”

Leaning in, I said, “Can you lower your voice? Paul is trying to help.”

Tiago folded his arms. “Why?”

“What do you mean?”

He scraped a hand through his messy curls. “Are you kidding me or can you not see it?”

“See what?” 

“This guy has his own agenda. Tell me, did he give you some sob story about divorcing his wife?”

“He—” I couldn’t finish that train of thought.

Tiago jutted his chin. “Let me guess. I bet he suggested you two could reconcile.”

I tapped my foot against the floor and frowned. Honestly, I didn’t appreciate what he implied.

“Your point?”

He glanced over his shoulder and then moved closer. “Cassie, your ex isn’t trying to help. He’s trying to get between your legs.”

Reaching out, I slapped Tiago’s cheek. “How dare you?”

My friend rubbed his face. “Hey, it had to be said. You’re letting loneliness color your thinking.”

I balled my fingers. “Say it again, and I’ll do a lot more than slap.”

He sat back and held out his hands. “Just calling things the way I see it. Give me a valid reason that man would help.”

“As I told Casinda, my office has been discussing the murders at The Pit Stop. The city has been aware of corruption in the police department.”

Tiago narrowed his gaze as he looked up at Paul. “Big deal. Cops are corrupt. Why are you poking your nose in my business?”

Paul, shaking his head, took a seat across from me. “Casinda asked for my help. If she hadn’t shown me your evidence, we would have  continued our own investigation. Thanks to you, a more thorough inquiry pointed at Morgan and Warren.”

I smiled, happy that Paul set Tiago straight.

Tiago glared at Paul. “I’m supposed to believe that you have no other reason for helping.”

“Well…” Paul grinned. “I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t like to rekindle things with Casinda, but she knows that.”

“And Paul knows that nothing’s going to happen between us,” I clarified.

“Now that the situation is clear…” Paul stood and went to the fridge. He removed a bottle of water. “Tiago, I spoke with my assistant. The D.A. would like to speak with you. Because we have yet to arrest the suspects, the interview will take place here.”

“When?” I asked.

“Noon. Annie is on her way with a suit for you, Tiago.” When my friend’s lips parted, Paul held up his hand. “Don’t say you look fine. I’d like it if you’d shave too before the meeting.”

I glanced at Tiago. “I can trim your hair.”

He rubbed his eyes. “Not—”

I kicked him. “You need to present better. Don’t you want the district attorney to take you seriously? If he believes you, they will arrest Morgan and Warren. You’ll get your life back.”

“Almost,” said Paul. “Life will be a little chaotic until the case is closed and Morgan and Warren are behind bars. But Casinda is right about your appearance. Right now, you look like someone whose had one drink too many.”

“Whatever,” he mumbled and pushed to his feet.

“Where are you going, Tiago?”

“To shower.”

A door closed in the distance. Paul sat beside me. “Is he going to be an issue?”

“I’ll talk to him again.”

Paul grasped my hand. “I was serious about life getting messy. Tiago’s going to have to go into witness protection. Even after a trial, he won’t be able to stay in town. Police will become his enemies.”

I was afraid of that.

“Casinda, if you testify, you’ll suffer the same fate. You’re welcome to stay here as long as you like. Hell, I’ll give you the house.”

I slipped my hand from his. “But if I testify, that option is gone.”

He nodded.

“Tiago has to know this.”

“True, but the D.A. wants to make his case. I’m certain he’ll offer Tiago a good deal.”

“What does that mean?”

“He’ll get a new identity in some place Tiago prefers.”

I wasn’t prepared to lose another friend. “What if I choose to testify? Can we be relocated together?”

“No, Casinda. Those close to Morgan and Warren will be looking for the two of you together. Separate is the best choice.”

Suddenly, I agreed with Tiago. Maybe it was better to put a lid on the situation. Forget all about Morgan and Warren and the murders they committed. 

But could we just walk away?


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