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Support the Writing Community Challenge

How are you?

It’s a question I don’t ask lightly anymore. Before the age of COVID-19, asking such a question was almost a standard with the usual reply—”Fine. And you.” But now, I truly want to know if you’re okay. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating enough? How is your mental health?

Naturally, these questions are important for all of us. As writers, however, they come with a few challenges. You see, writers tend to function in our own little bubbles. We isolate ourselves in order to churn out the words readers will enjoy. The quarantine flipped our lives upside down. Sure, we have more time to write, but that writing may or may not see the light of day.

The life of an author, like any creative, is fraught with risks. People may or may not buy our books. Some people might pirate those books. People buy but don’t leave reviews. Or they bash the books they don’t like online. People complain when our precious book babies aren’t free (would you really expect your favorite musician to simply give away his or her music?).

Did you know that a vast majority of authors DON’T make a living off their books? Some books barely sell 100 copies. That’s not said to discourage anyone. It’s merely a statement of fact. Want find out ways to help authors? K.M. Weiland wrote an excellent blog post with five ways to help. Check it out here.

Why am I talking about support and COVID-19?

Well, for fourteen days has a writing community challenge. It’s an effort to support ALL authors with little gestures. Today’s challenge is to send out a fan letter.

The first one I ever sent out was to author Heather Hildenbrand. Unfortunately, I’ve lost that email. I sent it after reading her novels Imitation and Deviation. Basically, I wanted to thank her for such thrilling stories. I also asked when the next book was coming. She replied! The one line I remember is “Holy sock monkeys, slow down!” In essence, the final book hadn’t been written yet. When I wrote that letter, I had no idea I would eventually meet Heather. Of course, I regurgitated the holy sock monkey line (after fan-girling for a few minutes). We became friends.

Today, I’m sending out another fan letter. Not because I’m looking for a new friend (although I’m always in the market… LOL!). I’m only being sincere and hoping to put a smile on this author’s face. Here’s a peek at what I’m sending:

Fan Letter.png

Your turn!

Who will you send a fan letter to?

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