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99 CENTS SALE: “The Spell Caster Diaries, Books 1 and 2” by SF Benson

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From the world of Falls Creek comes The Spell Caster Diaries; a gripping new paranormal suspense series by author SF Benson!


Known throughout history as the Red Witch, Elsbeth is responsible for introducing supernatural creatures to the New World. For seven hundred long years, she’s dealt with everything from plagues and witch hunts, to a crushing lost love.

Yet none of that prepared her for the betrayal of the Blue Moon Coven rising up against her. Unsure of who to trust and second guessing every decision, Elsbeth gathers a crude team of witches, sorcerers, and a demonic incubus to prepare for the upcoming battle.

The stakes are higher than ever before. Not only would failure mean death for countless numbers of supernaturals, but Elsbeth’s escalating feelings towards the incubus have tied her immortality to him. Now, whatever fate she suffers befalls him as well.

Eager to claim the happiness that’s eluded her for centuries, can Elsbeth face her past before it costs her everything?

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Dark Intent

A century’s old grudge. A burning desire for revenge. A hunger for carnage and chaos… 

For years, the Mercier family has despised Elsbeth, the Red Witch. Now, with her entering their town, Melisande Mercier feels her chance for a long-awaited vengeance is finally at hand. 

Yet before her plans can be put into place, the sexy sorceress finds trouble snaking its way through the halls of her manor. Downtrodden by the fact that her overwhelming desire for her cousin, Kenrick Locke, can never be, she unknowingly invites evil into her bed. 

As the son of one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, her new lover seeks to unleash Hell on Earth with the Mercier family as his sacrificial pawns. Melisande’s only hope to save her family is to put aside her hatred and join forces with Elsbeth.

Can the flames of their age-old rivalry be snuffed out for the greater good? Or will their failed alliance cause the world to burn?

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