SALE: “Finding Me (Another Falls Creek Romance, #2)” by SF Benson

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Title: Finding Me (Another Falls Creek Romance, #2)

Author: SF Benson

Genre: Paranormal M/M Romance

Editor: Tia Silverthorne Bach

Cover Artist: Covers by Christian


Colton Najex has spent a month in Hell contemplating his life. What the incubus craves is a humane, laidback way of life with someone special.

Jeremiah Jones is a struggling musician who has spent the last few years chasing the impossible—a little solitude and a life making music with a special someone. Unfortunately, Jeremiah seems to only attract a long interlude of Mr. Wrongs.

An innocent wish from Colton changes everything. When two souls—one from Heaven and the other from Hell—collide, can they put aside rhetoric and just embrace love?

Finding Me is the second book in the Another Falls Creek Romance series. The novels feature supernaturals and even humans fighting for the love they believe in. The characters are diverse. The pairings are unique. If you love reading about love against the odds, you’ll love this series.

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The kiss, innocent at first, deepens as I suck at his lips savoring the taste of him, like sweet nectar to a dying man..png

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