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NEW RELEASE: “The Loss of Another” by Ann Bakshis

Title: The Loss
of Another (Nine Kingdoms, Book 3)
Author: Ann
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Editor: John
Cameron McClain
Cover Designer:
Lori Pryzbranowski of Hell Yes Designs
Publication Date: June 17th,
Hosted by: Lady
Amber’s PR


Another kingdom has
fallen. One that had been ruled by a cruel, callous man. Geron was never
considered a desirable kingdom by anyone in Reynes, but now that it has no
ruler the whores, bastards, and criminals who call that land home begin to
spread their poison, infiltrating the other kingdoms with their depravity.Seven
kingdoms now remain of the original nine, but only six meet at a royal
gathering to determine Geron’s fate and the safety of the realm. Honora finds
herself unprepared for the aftermath of her brother Lycus actions, as she’s
pulled into a dispute forged by the ruling kings and queens vying for control
over the home she shared with him. Evander sees this gathering as a perfect
opportunity to collect the medallions he needs, but he’ll have to be very
persuasive in liberating them from their owners without divulging his true
identity, or intentions.

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I’ve always
loved to write ever since I was young. I would picture myself as the main
character so I could go on adventures. They began as daydreams, which I
eventually put down onto paper. Throughout the years I would write whenever I
got the chance no matter how small the manuscript turned out to be. I’d tried
the traditional method of sending out query letters to agents, but they would
respond with a “thanks, but no thanks” note. I felt discouraged, but kept
writing. I had a lot of encouragement from my mom, my Aunt Jeanne, my daughter,
and my husband. Having the support helped keep me chasing my dream. A few years
ago, I decided to buckle down and get serious about my writing. After some
research and speaking with a friend of my husband, I took the plunge into
self-publishing. I found an editor and a cover designer along with other indie
authors on Facebook. I’ve joined groups and asked advice from writers who have
already been through the steps it takes to get out there. It took me four years
and three versions before I published my first book titled Wasteland. From
there, I’ve completed several series and stand-alones with quite a few more in
progress, so watch for their release.

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