Do You Know What Day It Is?

It’s Tuesday in case you’re wondering. Being locked away in our homes for weeks can obliterate your sense of time. I’ve been getting stuck on days, and that hasn’t happened since my kid was a toddler. Back then, I knew what day it was when the trash was picked up. We live in a condo now so that’s not a good indicator of the passage of time.

So what have you been doing with your days?

I’ve been writing and procrastinating. You’re familiar with how the first works, but the second one is a whole different beast. It goes like this:

ME: (Looks at pile of papers in office and thinks I should clean that up).

Hours later, I’ve done nothing.

ME: (Looks at calendar and thinks I should be productive and work on my business plan).

An hour later, I’m shutting down my email instead.

And since eating tends to go along with procrastinating, I’ve been working out. Nothing crazy, but I have blown the dust off my set of kettlebells. I try to workout three times a week, but the reality is I usually make two days. Fibromyalgia rears its painful head and I just can’t grit my teeth through that third workout.

I’ve been reading too. When I should be browsing through my library of books, I’ve been scouring the email for deals. My digital library burped last week and screamed enough!

I have done some good things though. For Nadirah Foxx’s FIRST contemporary series, I’ve created cover concepts. They might just become the real deal! I’ve also drafted two out of the three books and am working on a spin-off series. I love it when characters just beg for their own books! Here’s a little teaser for the first novel, Fighting for Mine (The TKO Love Series):

Suit and Tie Teaser for Fighting for Mine.png

Fighting for Mine is an MMA romance between a man named Chance Hanlon and a woman named Ximena Ibarra. They were high school sweethearts and planned on spending their lives together until he screwed up. Ten years later, fate brings the couple together, but they’ve changed—drastically. Ximena’s bearing the scars of his biggest mistake while Chance is wanting a future with her. Can the couple put the past where it belongs and move forward?

I’m hoping to release the trilogy by summer. If it’s ready sooner, I’ll let you know.

Newsletter subscribers will get another installment of Infernal Inmates this Friday! Not a subscriber? Here’s your chance to get onboard. You’ll get the first three episodes with your subscription!

Gehenna Teaser #1 copy.jpg

My serial supernatural penitentiary story is only available online through the newsletter. There are no plans to release it as book to purchase. The first season’s episodes feature a dragon shifter detective and his partner, a chameleon shifter!

Well, that’s it for today’s update!

Keep reading!

Stay safe and healthy!

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