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NEWS FLASH: The Alliance Chronicles series Free for Limited Time!

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For the first time ever, the Alliance Chronicles is available for FREE! 

That’s right! The entire series!

Tuesday marks the FOURTH birthday of Regress.

When I first wrote it, I never envisioned that one day we’d be faced with a modern pandemic. I also didn’t foresee changes in government either (so if that happens, it is not the fault of the author).


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Secrets come in all shapes and sizes, but this one fits in the palm of your hand.

Tru Shepherd is like a lot of teenagers—stubborn and foolhardy. While her peers are lining up to take a life-altering vaccine, her goal is to avoid it at all costs.

Zared Aoki has a different agenda—exposing what the vaccine does. He can’t do it without Tru’s help. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s the key to finding a SIM card that will expose government secrets.

It’s been awhile since the two have crossed paths. Zared, not willing to discuss his past, hopes Tru will have a little faith and help him. But can they achieve the impossible—revealing corrupt leaders?

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Burying secrets is what the government does best.

Torture and degradation are part of a twisted game with Tru Shepherd as its pawn. She never thought exposing the American Republic’s leaders would land her in a top-secret prison. Now she’s frightened, but she’ll keep up the bravado despite what it could cost.

Zared Aoki never thought he’d have to choose between rescuing the girl he loves or finding the piece of technology. Now he’s willing to risk everything.

More secrets will come out. This time it’s lives that are at stake.

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A kid from the right side of the tracks, veers left.

According to Asher Jones, time doesn’t dull pain. It intensifies it. The only things that numb his grief are weed, booze, and petty crimes. Asher has some serious soul-searching to do. The path he’s on leads directly to jail if he doesn’t make some changes. Soon.

Rihana Fakhoury is doing some hard thinking as well. She wants a better life for herself and her family.

When their paths cross, redemption becomes real. Nothing else matters in their war-torn world.

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The Key to unlocking the truth rests with a seventeen-year-old.

Maintaining her identity has always been Tru Shepherd’s goal, but she’s done some growing up since her birthday. She can no longer ignore the thousands of Creatives facing an uncertain future at the hands of the country’s leaders.

Helping others, however, requires dealing with ghosts from the past. Ghosts Zared Aoki thought he put behind him. Now they threaten to destroy the normalcy he wants to build with Tru.

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A liar, a traitor, and a cheat. I am all of the above.

The new Order is crumbling as its secrets are exposed. Asher Jones doesn’t care. The Riza soldier turned spy for the rebels only wants to go home to his wife and child.

Rihana Fakhoury-Ahmad is done with the espionage. She wants a peaceful life with the man she hasn’t seen in a year. But there’s a price to pay.

Insurgents want to restore the country to serve their needs. There’s one man in charge, and he wants people to pay for the injustice he’s lived through.

Silencing his enemies might be the only way Asher can enjoy life.

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