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“Infernal Inmates” (An Episodic Newsletter-Only Series)

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Even supernaturals have to pay for their crimes.

Only accessible by portal, Gehenna Penitentiary is not for bleeding hearts—but yours might bleed while in custody. If you’ve been sentenced to that abode, know that your life is over. Guards will torture you. Inmates… Well, there are those who might eat you alive.

Lachlan Morrissey, a handsome dragon shifter, isn’t supposed to be there. Helping out a friend got him locked up. Only his partner, Riley Kennedy, can clear his name. The more the chameleon digs into the case, however, she uncovers a conspiracy that might cost her freedom.

So what is the Infernal Inmates?

It’s my contribution to the paranormal prison genre that has recently popped up. I wanted to give newsletter subscribers something fun (and steamy) to read without having to purchase anything. If you’re new to me, it’s an opportunity to check me out.

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Infernal Inmates features characters that have been mentioned in other books, but the episodic is truly a standalone. Subscribers will get one installment each month.

The first season is all about the connection between two detectives—Lachlan Morrissey, a dragon shifter, and Riley Kennedy, a chameleon shifter. He’s been framed for the serial murders of a slew of women. Riley is determined to get him out.

Sign up now and you’ll get the first three episodes! The fourth one will be out later this month!

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