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Frisky Friday Flash Fiction!

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Happy Friday—the first for the month!

How are you?

My family and I are hanging in there. Recently, my hubby found out is furlough has been extended until the end of January. That really sucks. Can you believe he only worked THREE months for 2020? Let’s not even talk about what that means for us.

On a brighter note, I’m working hard to plan and plot new novels for next year!

Speaking of next year…

I have a short story appearing in a second chance romance anthology! My story is titled Reasons Why. It’s all about a couple who broke up in college. He had NFL potential, but cancer cut his career short. Instead of being honest with his girlfriend, he lied, thinking he was protecting her. When their high school class reunion brings them back together, they have a second chance to rekindle their romance if he survives a second bout with cancer. Will they find love again or will he continue lying?

Find out by preordering! Just click the picture to go to the site.

Are you ready for another installment of The Secrets We Keep?

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The Secrets We Keep

Part Twenty-Two



I stared at the phone for a long minute after Cassie hung up. My clueless friend thought I didn’t know about the married man. I’d had an unfortunate run-in with the man. I came home one night, and the well-dressed politician was on my doorstep.

“I’m looking for Casinda.”

Not appreciating the stranger just showing up at my place, I snarled. “It’s not my day to watch her.”

When I attempted to push past him, he grabbed my upper arm. “Look, buddy—”

I jerked out of his grip. “I’m not your buddy. If you have issues with Cassie, I suggest you handle your business and leave me out of it.”

“I’m trying to, but she won’t talk to me. Casinda found out I was married—”

“Sounds like she’s doing the right thing.”

The asshole left me his business card—Pablo Gonzalez—as if I was dying to contact him. It didn’t take me long to figure out that all the trips Cassie had taken to Goodyear was because of the man. But I didn’t call her out on it. We all had secrets. Maybe she was entitled to hers too.

What had me more stunned was the fact she owned a gun. Why?

I opened the closet door and looked at the top shelf. Nothing there resembling a safe. I checked the floor on the right side and then the left. Tucked behind a hanging shoe rack was the lockbox. I inputted my birthday, and the door slid open. Inside was a compact semi-automatic pistol. Beneath it lay a box of ammo. When I suggested to Hollis that he should buy a weapon, I became acquainted with the different firearms. The gun was lightweight with slide-action. It impressed me to see Cassie chose a pistol, not requiring the hammer to be cocked before firing. Still…Why did she need one?

In the distance, I heard a car door slam. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, but in my paranoia, I had to be wary of every noise. I rushed over to the open window, gun in hand, in time to see Detective Morgan and his partner-in-crime, Warren, cross the street.


Undoubtedly, Warren knew where Cassie lived. I watched until they entered the building and then grabbed my messenger bag. Thankfully, Hollis’s laptop was charging in the room. I unplugged it and tossed it inside the case along with the charger and Cassie’s computer. 

Without an elevator, I had a few minutes before Morgan and Warren reached the fourth floor. I slipped on my jacket and shoved the gun along with a box of ammo into the bag too. Raising the window, I climbed out and onto the fire escape. 

By the time I reached the street, the nefarious cops were exiting Cassie’s bedroom window. I wasn’t a fan of breaking into cars, but I saw no choice. I ran across the street and hopped into the detective’s department-issued sedan. Seconds later, I hot-wired it and took off. It would take them a few minutes to notify headquarters and put out a BOLO. My plan? I drove three streets over and then headed to the subway station. 

Sirens blared behind me, but I kept walking. 

Once I was on the train, I’d ride it to the end of the line and then find a place to lie low. When all was said and done, Cassie and I would have a long talk. Her secrets had secrets, and I needed to know exactly what I was dealing with.  

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