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Let’s be honest for a minute. This year sucked for a lot of us. Plans changed. We lost loved ones. No matter what anyone says, 2020 will not hold fond memories for a vast majority of people around the globe.

But there are those who celebrated achievements in 2020. In the eye of a storm, some goodness happened. Whatever successes you reached… I applaud you!

The year was a major struggle for me. I went into quarantine thinking not much would change. I write from home and don’t have an outside job. I stuck to my schedule and plugged away. Little by little, my course altered. I couldn’t pay cover artists. Suddenly, I was faced with the decision NOT to publish. My release schedule went up in flames, but I persevered.

Discovered a new talent…

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Not bad for a beginner, huh?

Thanks to my daughter, I was able to publish another book from The Spell Caster Diaries Series too!

And wrote a fantasy novel!

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My daughter also came to my rescue and helped me enroll in an online publishing course by Rebecca Hamilton. I’d been a member of her Facebook group for a few years, but never really looked at the materials. When I did, I discovered Publishing Mastermind! I knew I needed to take it, but couldn’t afford it. Long story short, my kid paid so I could do the budget option. It’s a slower pace, but I saw the value in all the information.

Despite the good things, a cloud of darkness appeared. It told me I was wasting my time and should stop. I almost did—TWICE! Focusing was hard. The words wouldn’t come on some days. On others, they poured out nonstop.

Thank God for the good days! I finished two anthology submissions and a shared world piece.

Coming in March 2021!

Coming in March 2021!

If you’re at all curious about The Crimson Cure and the shared world, The Keepers of Knowledge, do yourself a favor and get the free introduction!

Available from:





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After the election, I began looking toward 2021. It felt SAFE to plan again. The first thing I did was rearrange my releases to implement the things I’d learned with Publishing Mastermind.



Daimons of Death will be a five-book series featuring Kinsley Chanarac, just your every day young woman who discovered that she’s the daughter of Death! Every time Kinsley closes her eyes, someone dies. Making matters worse? Now that her power has been awakened, her blood thirsty aunts—the Keres—want to drain her like a grape and use her ability as their own! Look for book one, Deadly Relations, in May!

As excited as I am for a new series, I was on the fence about another one—The No Boundaries Series. The trilogy is a contemporary tale of three families with characters I’m sure people will love. Problem. The story doesn’t mesh with my brand—too sweet for Nadirah Foxx and not magical for SF Benson. I was really tempted to just shelf what was written until I read another lesson from Rebecca Hamilton!


Don’t you just love the logo? I wanted something a little more carefree and uplifting (something we all need in 2021). Mia Storrey (I just love that name, but my phone and computer want to correct it) will feature contemporary romance stories appropriate for mature young adult and new adults.

Stay tuned to learn more about what I’m planning for 2021!

In the meantime, THANK YOU for all your support this year. It meant a lot to me.

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