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Happy Friday!

Seven more days to Christmas. Are you ready? We have our tree, but have yet to decorate it. This year my family opted for an artificial one. We ordered it and hubby went to pick it up. The next day he took ill. I don’t think its COVID-19 since his symptoms don’t line up. Regardless, we’re keeping a close eye on him. I might be ordering in groceries for the holiday. We’ll see.

For the next two weeks, Frisky Friday will come to you on Thursday. Maybe I’ll call it Titillating Thursday for those days. Let me know if you have an idea.

Sit back and relax (or try to) for the next installment of The Secrets We Keep.

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The Secrets We Keep

Part Twenty-Four




A dark sedan pulled up to the train station. The window lowered, and a man leaned out. “Are you Santiago?”

“Who wants to know?” My fingers wrapped around the pistol’s grip.

“Tiago, just get in.” Cassie’s curly head appeared. “This is Paul.”

She said the man’s name as if I knew him. Reluctantly, I took my hand out of my pocket and reached for the car door. I slid in behind the driver. If he pulled anything remotely suspicious, I’d blow his head off.

“Paul, this is my best friend Tiago. I told you about him.”

The man cleared his voice. “You grew up with Casinda, right?”

“Yeah,” I mumbled. As the car rolled down the street, I should have relaxed but couldn’t. With everything that had happened since Hollis’ death, I trusted few people. I definitely had no reason to put my faith in the stranger. 

“How do you know Cassie?” I asked.

“Tiago, Paul and I used to be a couple.” She exchanged a gaze with the man.

Used to be? They seemed pretty damn cozy to me. As soon as I got a minute alone with Cassie, we were going to clear up some shit.

Paul chuckled. “We’re close friends, Santiago. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for Casinda. Lucky for you, I know the right people. We’ll take care of this problem—”

“What problem do you think that is, Paul?” Sorry. The man was a little too self-assured for me. How did Cassie end up with the prick?

“I know about the photos and Morgan and Warren. My office knows about the crimes they’ve committed.”


“They have an arrangement with the mayor,” Paul said.

“You mean they’re on his payroll.”

“Something like that.” Paul’s eyes met mine in the rearview mirror. “Don’t get it twisted, Santiago.”

“The name’s Tiago.”

“Fine.” He exhaled loudly. “Just because the mayor shields Morgan and Warren, doesn’t mean they can’t be taken down. With the proof Casinda provided, I’ll present my case. Trust me, Mayor Washburn would rather not have a high-profile situation blow up in his face.”

I sure hope not.

Despite my discomfort with Paul, the lull of the road put me to sleep. When I woke up, the car sat in the driveway of a modest house. Doors popped open. The man hurried toward the front steps while Cassie stuck her head into the back seat.

“Get up, sleepy head.”

Instead of exiting the vehicle, I tugged her sleeve and pulled in with me.

“What the fuck?”

“Hush.” Shifting my position, I faced her. “What’s with this guy?”


“Who else?”

“We dated for a while.” Cassie averted her gaze, telling me she had more than a casual acquaintance with the man.

“Nope. I’m not buying it. How long have you two been a couple?”

“We’re not. Paul and I met three years ago. We split up after a year.”


“He’s married.”

“Damn.” I leaned back and rubbed my chin. Her revelation should have shaken me. Instead, it painted Cassie in a different light. “I never thought Miss Straightlaced would become a home-wrecker.”

Her eyes narrowed. “I’m nobody’s home-wrecker. As soon as I found out, I dumped Paul.”

“Let me guess, he was the only one who could help us?”

“Yes. He’s on the city council and well-connected. Paul’s private life is no reflection on his work ethic.”

I begged to differ. If a man will lead a double life—loving one woman while making a home with another—he was capable of anything and everything. Cassie might trust him implicitly, but I wouldn’t rest until this matter was over and done with. 

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TWO MORE episodes left!


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