Is There A Cure for Vampirism? Find Out 2.15.21

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Title: The Crimson Cure: A Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy (The Keepers of Knowledge Series Book 3)

Author: SF Benson

Genre: PNR/Urban Fantasy

Expected Release Date: February 15, 2021

Pre-Release Cover!

Pre-Release Cover!


Meet Elandra Wells, vampire and biochemical engineer.

When Elandra receives an invite from the High Council of Supernaturals to train for a coveted spot within The Keepers of Knowledge faction, she jumps at the chance. After all, the secret program might help the doctor, who hates being a vampire, find the last ingredient to craft a special serum to eradicate her condition. But finding Vlad Dracul’s ring isn’t a simple endeavor. Locating it isn’t the problem. Snatching it while a council member questions her every move makes the task too difficult.

Another obstacle? The sexiest, panty-dropping vampire she’s ever met. Camdyn Pryce. And he doesn’t trust Elandra.

What makes matters worse? Elandra struggles with her desire for Camdyn. Whenever they’re alone, she can barely control herself around him. He seems to be losing the same battle with the lovely doctor as well.

When Camdyn lets down his walls and tells her how he feels, she’s faced with a dilemma—be the doctor who develops a cure for her condition or follow her heart.

Will regaining her humanity be more important than finding love?

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After becoming undead, I thought all bodily fluids had evaporated. A witch medic assured me that they had. It was why I no longer had a period and the sole reason why I’d never give birth. I was nothing more than a w.png

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