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An Update & A Title Reveal for the Chimerian Realm Dark Fantasy


Have you heard? I finished my dark fantasy draft! Over 100,000 words! Thankfully, this goes on the shelf for a bit before revision. In the meantime, how about a couple of title reveals?

Book One: By Blood & Fire

Title Reveal_ By Blood & Fire.jpg

The darkness wouldn’t wait…

Raevyn of Taika will soon be seventeen, the age of womanhood. Her life has been predetermined—who she’ll bond with and maybe love. Problem is, no one told her the truth of her heritage. When the dark king’s skeletal knights, the Reliquiae, pay Raevyn an unexpected visit, the young lass is put on a life-altering quest. Learn her destiny, find the prophecy, and stop the vile ruler known as the King of Symmeria. 

Blocking her path are heinous creatures that will suck, claw, and rip the life out of her traveling companions. Making matters worse, she doesn’t know who to trust—her Fae friend, the pithy prelate, the courtly cad, or the mystic mage. 

Raevyn sought the truth. In the end, she’ll discover that not everything that walks in darkness is evil.

Anticipated Release Date: December 2021

Book Two: Of Whispers & Wickedness

A mother’s love is support to be protective, not manipulative. But Dubheasa, Priestess of Shadows, wasn’t a loving mother. She manipulated relationships the way she orchestrated the elements. The sorceress convinced herself that if her actions had merit, they were justified.

Book 2 in the Chimerian Realm fantasy illustrates how deceitful Dubheasa truly can be. She dupes Raevyn, Queen of Symmeria, into traveling back in time. Supposedly it’s so that Raevyn can learn her mother’s truths. Instead, history repeats itself when Dubheasa turns her only child into a blackbird locked in an iron cage. Raevyn is then delivered to Queen Sanctimonia. A clear message is sent to the king—abdicate and leave the country. Only then will his pregnant wife be freed.

Oh, what a tangled web one mother creates when she sets out to deceive…

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