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One Event Down… Penned Con Next!

Frankenmuth Michigan

I just returned from a successful and fun signing in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Yes, it was hot. Yes, it rained. But I had a great time. I even had time to visit with my parents before heading to the airport. Can’t get better than that!

So, now it’s time to prep for the big one—Penned Con in St. Louis!


Penned Con is a three day book convention. It’s an annual event with well over 150 authors and publishing professionals along with over 1,000 readers!

The nicest part of Penned Con (other than the people)? It’s an event for charity! To read more about Action for Autism, go to:

If you missed Once Upon A Book and will be near the St. Louis area, you can get your book pre-orders in right now. A lot of the authors are closing them down at the top of August. Mine will close on August 2nd and can be filled out here:

All pre-orders will receive a handy dandy book sleeve (holds books up to 6 x 9 trim).


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