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Mes Amis, Qui Ont Faim?

Welcome back! Who’s hungry?

I spent a little more than a week off—being lazy! It doesn’t happen often, but for some reason the desire not to be on social media was greater than the need to be on it. Does that make sense?

Well, it’s time to explore French cuisine. Or more accurately—French recipes!

Dash Copeland interacts with Margaux Marchand. This mysterious woman has no issue preparing meals for him.

Honestly, I’ve never tasted genuine French cuisine. As close as I’ve come to anything has been:

One form of gluten that doesn’t upset my stomach!

One form of gluten that doesn’t upset my stomach!

So I had to do some research. There are numerous sites with excellent French recipes to try:

Some of my favorites from the website include:

french onion soup.png

coq au vin.png

steak and fries.png

The best part about researching French food was learning about some of their customs. According to, a typical lunch includes an appetizer, a main course, a cheese course, and possibly a sweet. The appetizer can be anything from a mixed salad to soup to pâté. The main course is a choice of beef, pork, chicken, or fish served with either potatoes, rice, pasta, and/or vegetables.

But the amount of food is the cool thing. It’s the length of time. Even school kids get an hour and a half to two hours for the meal. When my husband visited Paris, he said that lunch was a big deal. People actually went home to share food with family and friends. A much different (but possibly needed) idea than here in the States.


And what did Margaux make for Dash’s lunch? French Onion Soup and…

But what did Dash prefer? Cold chicken and a salad.

Catch me later this week, when I check out shopping in Paris!

In the meantime, why not try:


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