“Fire sale at Printemps?”

That was Dash Copeland’s line to Margaux Marchand in Savage Charm. The woman loves to shop! What is Printemps? It’s a chain of French department stores offering clothing and beauty products.

The closest location to Dash is the one on Boulevard Haussmann. If you get hungry while shopping, you can dine at NINE different restaurants! Everything from tea to a brasserie is offered. Dash isn’t a fan of shopping, but he might be found sipping tea under this beautiful dome. The Brasserie Printemps was redesigned by Didier Gomez after the interior burned down in 1920.

But Printemps isn’t the only department store in Paris!

Also on Boulevard Haussman is Galeries Lafayette. The upscale department store offers the usual fashion along with a restaurant.

Galeries La Fayette at Christmas

Galeries La Fayette at Christmas

The entire time Dash is in Paris he can’t forget Peyton. At one point, he walks into a gift shop and picks up an item. He nearly buys the trinket when he realizes he can’t give it to her.

When our daughter was a toddler, her father went to Paris. My husband part of an instructional trip for martial arts instructors. It was a male-only expedition. To make up for not taking us, hubby did some shopping. He brought back a brown-skinned porcelain doll dressed in turn of the century garb. For me, he purchased a pair of red stiletto heels and a watch. Sadly, when we moved across country we lost the doll and the heels. But I still have the watch.

2019-06-18 01.52.48.jpg

Catch up next time when we take a peek at the cultural scene in Paris. In the meantime, why not check out the Iron Curtain, a vinyl store!

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