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“Unexpected Love (Another Falls Creek Romance, #6)” by SF Benson Pre-Order & Excerpt Reveal

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Title: Unexpected Love (Another Falls Creek Romance, #6)

Author: SF Benson

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Second Chance Romance

Editor: Tia Silverthorne Bach

Cover Artist: Covers by Christian

Expected Publish Date: June 20, 2019


If you could have a second chance to discover your true love, would you choose the same person?

It all begins with a thirty day punishment in Hell for a very bad succubus. When Sybil Najex asks her father-in-law, the King of Hell, for a demonic absolution, he gives her a different option—a Do-Over.

It’s a chance for Sybil and her husband, Khan, to rediscover love. But things don’t go as planned when random males from her past display their affection for her.

Then, Khan Najex garners the attention of a siren who is up for a challenge.

In the end, they both must make a choice.

Will Sybil choose Khan again, or will she opt for the life of a free spirit with a different male each night?

Will Khan conquer his insane jealousy and allow Sybil to have her happily ever after?

Sybil’s choice risks her marriage and her family, but it could also give everyone true happiness and…love.

Unexpected Love (Another Falls Creek Romance Novel, #6) combines the stories of Sybil and Khan Najex. In Part I, The Do-Over, find out whether Sybil gets her demonic divorce. In Part II, The Challenge, learn what the future holds for Khan.


Part 1: The Do-Over (Sybil’s Story)

Chapter 25

“No!” I shouted. “That’s not how it happened.” My sire was the father of lies, but I never imagined he’d use them on me.

Then I realized that this had all been a lie. A hideous, masterful joke on me. My brother spoke the truth. Our father set me up to fail.

“Why, Father? Why do this to me?”

Awareness beamed on his cruel face. “Because I learned how you treated Sybil. Because I knew you needed to be taught a lesson. Call it a parent’s prerogative.”

“Bullshit! I wasn’t supposed to lose! I never lose!”

Hiro finally chimed in. “There’s always a first time.”

“Shut the fuck up!” I exclaimed.

Father held up a hand. “Enough! Hirohito, please tell your brother—”

“If you’re planning on stabbing me in the back, please get it over and done with,” I interrupted. Last thing I wanted was to get secondhand information about how my life would end.

“Very well.” Father nodded. “Hirohito, you will take over as The Najex in Falls Creek. You’re entitled to the lair—”

“Not my fucking house!” I pleaded.

“I don’t want your house,” my brother said calmly. “If Cyrena Martin will allow it, I’ll move in with her until I can have one built. I want nothing Khan has, including his title.”

Lowering my voice, I asked, “You don’t?”

“No, brother.” Hiro removed the band holding back his long locks and finger combed it. “This wasn’t about taking what’s yours. I only wanted justice for Sybil. You mistreated a good female. You ruined what should have been a great life for her. I just wanted to right a wrong.”

Father waved to the door, it opened, and he walked toward it. “Hirohito, let’s give them a moment alone.”

“Wait!” Sybil rushed over. “What happens now?”

“Whatever you want, my dear.” Father looked between Hiro and me. “Who do you choose?”

She shrugged. “I can’t decide right now.”

“You must so that this moves forward. When you wake up in the morning, all this will be gone. You will live the life you should have had, so choose wisely.” With those words, Ashmedai—King of Hell—departed.

“What are you going to do?” I asked as the door closed.

Sybil’s eyes narrowed. She crossed her arms and shook her head. Ignoring my question, she asked her own, “Why, Khan? Why destroy my chance at happiness?”

Sinking my hands into my pockets, I confessed, “I don’t want to lose you. I was fighting to keep what’s mine.”

Sybil pursed her lips. “You just don’t get it, you fool. You can’t lose what you never had.”

A knot formed in my gut. I was tempted to speak, but I kept my mouth shut.

“Let me explain it so that even you can understand. You tricked me into marriage, so you never had my heart.”

Her words became a fist that clutched my chest and lessened my breath. “Have you never cared for me?”

“It wasn’t my decision, was it?” She paused for a moment. “I respected you, but in time, you killed that.”

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