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“The Best Websites for Writers According to Writer’s Digest (Part 2)”

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Last week, I gave you my picks from Writer’s Digest magazine’s 101 Websites for Writers. Today, we’ll look at sites for Writing Advice.

There’s a little of everything at . If you want to be a full-time writer or just want to find sources for editors, this is one to check out. You can check out your genre and find tons of articles giving advice.

Do you struggle with fight scenes? Then, you should bookmark . You’ll find videos, infographics, and lots of advice. The site is run by a martial artist who just happens to be the author of a book on writing!

One of my favorite sites is . K.M. Weiland’s blog has so much information—perfect for beginning and even seasoned authors. Same can be said for .

If you use Scrivener for writing (or want to know about it), go to  . Kristin Kiefer’s site has tutorials along with writing workbooks and online courses.

There are twelve more on WD’s list—these are my go-to websites. Stay tuned, and I’ll bring you more from the Writer’s Digest list of best websites for writers next week!

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