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One Of My Hobbies: Sewing!



Something I enjoy doing (other than reading and writing) is sewing.

When my daughter was a little kid, I made the majority of her outfits. Every Halloween, I made her costumes too. Of late, I haven’t been able to do the sewing I used to—I no longer have a room just for the hobby, and I don’t have nearly the amount of supplies I used to.

But I’ve been sneaking it in…


That purple cloth beneath my books was a quick stitch project. I used to have a blue one, but when my logo colors changed I thought it was time to change the table covering. In all honesty, these are easy to create—cut to size and hem all edges. Here are two others I’ve made…

File Apr 14, 11 36 29 PM.jpeg

File Apr 14, 11 37 29 PM.jpeg

I really like the red one, but I’ve only used it once.

Last year, I created a bag for readers. If you made a purchase, you received one of these…

File Apr 14, 11 37 52 PM.jpeg

I still have more of that fabric so, I’ll be creating a few more for OUAB. For those who pre-order books for the event, I’ll have special tote bags! I found a cute pattern and will be making these as well.

At each event, I usually have blogger bags. The problem with them is that they crush in my luggage. The contents are good, but the outside leaves something to be desired. I think I solved that issue with a reusable bag! Yup! I found a pattern to make one.

Sewing is such a relaxing hobby, and I hate that I haven’t done more of it. But my rediscovery will be rewarding when readers and bloggers get handcrafted items from me.

Any seamstresses out there? How do you like to relax?

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