UP CLOSE & PERSONAL: Morgan Vladislav—Dhampir


At the end of April, my first urban fantasy releases! The BlackGuard Society: Blood Vendetta features characters that were first introduced in Worth the Fight (Another Falls Creek Romance, #1). Get ready to meet Morgan Vladislav, a dhampir/witch hybrid.


“So, my name is Morgan. No nicknames unless you count the one my soul mate uses—dawlin’. I have this quirky DNA thanks to my witch mother and my father who is a direct descendent of Dracula. I’m more like Mother, but ever since I completed the ritual with my mate I’ve been dealing with cravings.”

What about friends? 

”What about them? Most females wanting to get next to me really only want to grab Ace’s attention. Like that vamp, Edwina Devereaux. Ace tells me not to pay any attention to her. She’s recently married, but I don’t trust her.” 

What can you tell us about The BlackGuard Society? 

”The BGS was started by my great-grandmother, Morgan Le Fey. Great-grand felt that supernaturals had a better chance of living amongst humans if we worked to protect them. Even today, that’s the role of all the agents.” 

And what do you do for the organization? 

”One day I hope to run the BGS. For now, I’m a top operative. Most of the assignments in New Orleans are handled by Ace and myself.” 

You work with your soul mate? 

”Yes. Ace and I are a team. We took a vow to always be together.” 

When you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun? 

”Besides hanging with Ace? I’m not your typical girly-girl. You won’t find me enduring endless shopping sprees. The few times I’m without Ace you can usually find me at The Bloody Bastard, my father’s club. I enjoy the music and atmosphere.”

Want to learn more about Morgan Vladislav? Be sure to pick up a copy of The BlackGuard Society: Blood Vendetta  April 29th. Until then, you can read about her in Worth the Fight 

Next week, meet Ace Broussard! 

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