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Up Close & Personal: Mark Carter

Since Restore is part of a Kindle Countdown (99 cents until midnight), I thought I’d introduce you to Mark Carter.


Out of all my characters, Mark Carter was the most confusing to write. I started out writing about a young man who liked to get into trouble. It was as if trouble was his trademark. Half way through writing about him in Release, the character started talking to me. Mark let me know that I was depicting him all wrong. 

Before Finding Me , I had only written heterosexual characters. I was completely beside myself. How could a fictitious character tell me (the writer) that I wasn’t doing it right? After all, I created him. Right? 

Emphatically nope! 

If anyone has followed my blog for a while, you may recall my mentioning a character that talked to me in the shower. Well, that would be Mark. We argued in the shower! I asked him if he was gay. He told me he wasn’t. I pondered bisexuality. He confirmed it. 

Talk about a weird internal discussion! I finally took my dilemma to a group of authors on Facebook. They told me I had to go with the direction the character was leading. I had to trust. 

Asher Jones puts a lot of trust in Mark. They are probably closer than two men should be, but they maintain that they are best of friends—brothers even. 

Mark was there for Asher when he lost his parents and brother. Although Mark’s idea of support came in the form of drugs and alcohol, he was the only one who seemed to understand Asher’s pain. 

But Mark has a secret. Something he hasn’t told anyone. Of course, Asher suspects it. How could he not when it involves him? 

Look for Mark’s story either late this year or early in 2020. I’m still debating whether to write it as a standalone or as the final book in The Alliance Chronicles. 


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