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Did you know that every writing project of mine has a playlist? Yup, if you follow me on Spotify, you’ll find one with the same title of each of my books.  

When I started writing The BlackGuard Society series, I did something different out of sheer necessity. There are ten books planned for it! Since I like to keep all of my playlists, you’re talking a lot of new soundtracks. Because the main characters will carry from one book to the next I decided to have just one list and add to it as needed. 


You might ask, how do I decide what goes on the list? Good question!


I think about my character’s personality, and what he or she might listen to. With Blood Vendetta, I introduced Morgan Vladislav (a dhampir) and Ace Broussard (a wolf shifter) in Worth the Fight: Another Falls Creek Romance. Morgan is feisty, stubborn, and always thinks she’s right. Her taste in music is gritty with a dance beat. Ace, her partner and soul mate, doesn’t mind a gritty tune, but he’s also an MMA fighter. He likes music as a backdrop while he works out or walks into the ring.

If I have a musical favorite, odds are that one of my characters will have it as theirs. Ace, believe it or not, is a Hozier fan. He’s ten years older than Morgan, so he looks for meaning in a song. He chose Hozier’s Movement as their tune. Morgan is more of an Alessia Cara fan. She’s also into Halsey and Dua Lipa.


If you pull up the playlist, you’ll find some sexier tunes on it too. For me, I need those when I’m writing those steamy scenes between Morgan and Ace. Some of the raunchier songs (those marked explicit) will be important for the next book in the series. That one has a stripper who is turned by a vampire. Need I say more? 


If you’re a writer/author, let me know if you create playlists for your writing. Readers, comment below with your favorite tunes. Who knows? I might add it to the BlackGuard Society or a future book. 

Until next time… 

Keep reading, keep following! 

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