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“Ward and the Wanderers” by T.V. Hahn Release Day


Title: The Ward & the Wanderers

Author: T.V. Hahn

Series: Havenwood Falls

Genre: Paranormal fairy tale

Release Date: March 22, 2019

Cover Design: Regina Wamba,

Ward and Wander_Hahn-FINAL-ebooklg.jpg


Teeny Weeny Tahini’s life had always been quiet and simple, just the way she liked it. At least, until a year and a half ago, when her owl-shifter nephew Mat came to town with trouble on his heels. She and her extraordinary friends saved the day, but their happily ever after was short lived. Now, the spring faerie has been haunted not only by nightmares but also her past.

Compelled to travel thousands of miles to her ancestral home, Teeny Weeny leaves the safety and security of Havenwood Falls for the Isle of Gwynf’l, off the coast of England. Coralie, her long-time mermaid friend, is in danger, and the only way to save her is to take her back to Havenwood Falls. A series of obstacles combined with personal dilemmas from Teeny’s past make it a foreboding journey, but one she must endure.

Traveling with a mermaid isn’t easy, and the return trip could be racked with more problems because of the town’s protective wards that only give her a lunar cycle away from her safe haven. Teeny Weeny and Coralie, not to mention a few uninvited travelers, race against time before they lose all memories of the place they now call home.

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