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It’s the middle of the week already! I swear the time is flying by.


For the past few months, I’ve been reading Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series. I’m currently reading Living With the Dead and just realized that I’m almost done with the series—four more titles!

So now it’s time to look at my TBR and decide what to read next. But have you seen this monster? 


How does one decide what to read next with over four thousand books on a list? I tried going by the oldest book on the list, but was torn between titles.

My Kindle app is just as bad if not worse: 


I’ll do the math for you—over five thousand books! I think that makes me like a super bookworm.

Not convinced yet? I have one more pic to prove my point: 



That’s from my BookBuddy app on my phone. There’s a good chance that those books are NOT on my TBR.

It’s obvious that I need your help! What books are YOU reading? I want your input on what I should read next. Just toss a line into the comments. 

Not reading anything at the moment? Then tell me your favorite genre. At the end of the week, I’ll look at all the comments and choose the top five. Those will comprise the next five books (outside of Kelley Armstrong’s) that I’ll read. If it’s not a book on my list, I’ll add it. If it’s on there, it gets moved up. 

It’s time to weigh in…. 

Keep reading! 

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