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SF Benson  

Up Close & Personal: Daniel, the Celestial



Today’s Spotlight brings you one of the minor characers in Broken Faith—Daniel. 

Daniel is a guardian angel (a Celestial), and Theseon’s roommate. If you’ve been keeping up with the series, you might remember Daniel from Letting Go. He appeared on Crucifix Island during the dinner between Uraeleus and Antoinette. 

The Inspiration for the Character: I was a huge fan of The Originals. I loved the character played by actor Daniel Gillies, Elijah. He was very proper, wore a suit all the time, and was the glue that kept the family together. My Daniel is so proper that he’s a bit uptight. He wears a suit all the time too. And he loves deeply. 

How does Daniel feel about Theseon?   “He’s my brother. Of course, Theseon doesn’t realize it. I’d do anything for him, including save his soul.” 

Daniel and Cherina (Neriah) are an item in Broken Faith. How did they meet?  “We met long before we descended to Earth.” 

Fave Color:  “Does white count?” 

Fave TV Show:  “I get a kick out of that show Charmed.” 

Will there be a book for Daniel and Cherina? Yes, in 2020. 

That’s it for today. Stay tuned next week for another character profile from Broken Faith. 

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