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Up Close & Personal…

Welcome to Up Close & Personal with my characters. Consider today a commercial break during the game. Sit back and get to know Grace!


 Grace Martinez, human

“Hola! Let’s get to know each other!”

Employment: Youth counselor.

What Does She Do For Fun? “I’m pretty much a homebody. Years ago, I was a party girl, but that got me into a lot of trouble. It also earned me a stint in a mental institution. Nowadays, I’m happy to curl up with a good book or watch a movie with my cat, Mr. Peepers.”

What Is She Good At? “I’m a great listener. I’ve helped many of the young people in and around Falls Creek. I also volunteer at St. Anne’s Youth Outreach. Helping others is my penance for the terrible life I once lived.”

Favorite Song? “I’m a fan of Christina Aguilera. No song in particular though. She has a great voice.”

Favorite Color? Pink

Favorite Food? Pasta

Favorite Saying? “Redemption is earned, not given.”

Grace has a shady past in the form of a male named Richard Everly.

Want to learn more about Grace’s dark side? Be sure to pick up Broken Faith (Another Falls Creek Romance, #5)! Next Sunday I’ll bring you another character from my latest book.

Now back to the game… 

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